footprints on your heart ~ and in my sketchbook

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hello ~

i’ve been concentrating lately on just playing in my sketchbook pages ~ abd here are just a few things i’ve {gradually} learned playing with watercolors:

~ use multiple shades of one color, darker and lighter
~ always start with the lightest shade of one color, and use layers, going to the darker colors last
~ leave some white spaces and open areas
~ add some black for contrast
~ sqiggly lines are “organic” and natural-looking
~ it’s okay to “make it up” – it does not have to be “perfectly real!”  {it’s probably even better if it’s not}
~ use your imagination
~ keep it simple

i try to keep in mind shading, from the perspective that usually ~ there is a single light source, coming from one direction, and so i shade with that in mind {most of the time!}  sometimes… i just get caught up in the page, and the beautiful color, and i forget!

and i’ve learned that watercolors are a great base, done lightly.  you can go back and add more color {either wet or dry}.

and the toughest thing for me?  

keeping it simple! {ain’t it the truth?}

that statement, in and of itself, is a skill to cultivate.  {and practice!}

uhmmm… yes.

still lovin’ those microbeads, baby!

we have a mutual affection for each other ~ i agree to use them, and they agree…  to totally spread.  all.  over.  {lol}

and most imporantly ~ don’t be afraid!  {be strong and courageous!} and keep on learning.  after all, that’s what a sketchbook is for! 

i’ve come to realize my sketchbook is “my training ground.” and it’s free space! it’s a place where there are no rules, just opportunities.  i am completely free to explore, try new things, and then evaluate them.  and i can look back on those techniques, color combos, ideas… and try it in a different way… or just pick what i love {or didn’t love} from a page and either {use it ~ or lose it!}   🙂

keeping it simple, babe. ahhh. 

{kinda like a bubble bath after a long {cold winter’s} day!}  it’s only -9 this evening.  yikes.  stay warm!  and…


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  1. I love your sketchbook. I keep finding books tucked away that have a few sketches from years gone by and the rest is empty. Now I have just moved and I think they are all tucked away again somewhere. Maybe I will start a new one 😀
    The micro beads look fabulous. I can just imagine them getting everywhere.
    I have a box of drawing inks that I may just get out today. Thanks for the inspiration. I have copied your little list to my computer to keep in mind.

  2. gorgeous Leslie- did you sketch first then wcolor? just curious I was also wondering what kind of wc paper it is..weight? LOVE

  3. ooolala, pretty watercolors,look springy and fresh, and oh my your sketching and beads are pretty too. I just love the paint-work Leslie. I have decided I am going to kid-nap you, and bring you to Naples for at least a couple of years. Pack your swimming suit …that will keep you warm enough here!

  4. aw, that's what those dents are from! 😉 Tread away, Les. I'm getting ready to sketch. Mine are going to be very simple! Glad you are showing the way!!! Bless you!

  5. Yikes is right! Wow, that's cold. I was wondering how you kept those microbeads contained. They are beautiful on the flowers. I have a sketchbook that I'm afraid of. 😉 I'll have to try watercolors in it.

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