forget-me-not angels {on a sweatshirt} ~

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hi there  ~

when i first began quilting, i played with quilting on garments, quite a bit. in fact, this is truly the way i learned free motion.  it wasn’t by traditional quilting, it was on “ready-to-wear” more or less. 

this sweatshirt is one i purchased, made specially for my friend lori. and you’ve read in my last couple posts… i recently visited her, and she pulled out all the things i had made her oh-so-long ago!  and she happily wore this sweatshirt, {and still does} which is very cool. one of the angels in this design had reddish hair, {me}, the other dark, {lori} even though they have both faded now. {ain’t it the truth?!} lol

although i no longer recall where the pattern came from, i believe i got the design from a book, and just traced it, fusing it onto this plain white sweatshirt.

again, i free motioned with a zig zag stitch all the applique shapes!  i was kinda amazed when i saw that i had done that, on a stretchy polyester-cotton fabric, no less…  

even the words, which say:

“silently, one by one, in the infinite meadows of heaven, blossomed the lovely stars, the forget-me-nots of angels.”
~ longfellow

{one of my favorites}

one of my most favorite “early” projects, and it tickled me to see she still had it!  thanks my friend.

bless your day to all you angels out there in the infinite meadows of heaven {on earth}.

speaking of heaven ~ happy {happy} friday!!!


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  1. Thank you Leslie, very pretty and why am I thinking I have to do a big project for my first, I think I am just going to start with something small and stop procrastinating …because I just want to make a big quilt, and don't know where to start. SEW…I will start with something little, and grow! Your angels are beautiful and your free motion writing is amazing too!
    I love the Missouri pics of the beautiful snow, thank you. burr but beautiful. love and prayers, sandy
    I am gonna get stitching NOW!! thank for the inspiration and I do love my books!

  2. Such a perfect design – love the angels and the Longfellow quote! I had to make note of it in my journal 🙂

  3. Happy Friday to you too. Sometimes it is shocking to see early work; sometimes in a good way and sometimes in a bad!!
    Lovely photos in the post below, Winter on the Missouri.

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