From My Sketchbook ~ Patience

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Words of Wisdom from St. Augustine:

Ahh yes.  Patience.  I sketched this particular phrase because I NEED to remember this… more. 

I actually wrote this while we were in the hospital waiting for news from the surgeon while my MIL was undergoing her lung surgery.

And I took these pics with the iPhone, while I was traveling – actually while waiting for the pilot car to take us through the road construction on my recent work-related trip to Billings. They aren’t the best, a bit washed out as the page is actually quite a bit brighter in color {imagine that!} ~ but so fun to take out my sketchbook, and snap a few just to take advantage of the T I M E for which I was exercising … p a t i e n c e.  {Amen!}

And I was patient!  It was FUN!  Amazing the peace that is provided to us when we learn the discipline of patience.

Per my usual love of current sketching supplies…. featuring the Pitt pen, some of the Peerless watercolors, the H2O’s twinkling paints, and my white Wite-Out pen.

I’m so excited for the weekend… fall is here, definitely.  I want us to go on another road trip as the weather is completely divine, and bright sunshine.  Love it love it!!


Joining in with STUDIO JRU on this blessed Friday!

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  1. Patience is something that seems to come with age I think. I can't imagine it much brighter!
    I've kind of shied away from road trips lately. Has your gas gotten as expensive as ours up here? Of course ours is per liter so it's hard to compare.
    We're supposed to have rain all weekend. I have to shop in the morning, then I'm hoping for some creative time since I'll be stuck in the house.

  2. THis is beautiful! I can't do all of that precise doodling…mine just ends up looking like a mess! This is great, and the photos are good!

  3. love the quote, i think i might just write that down and make one for my desk…love the bright colors you use, they always make me smile…

  4. Great quote, and you've illustrated it beautifully! I love the idea of using a white out pen – I may have to pick one of those up! Nice job…

  5. ive been wanting one of those white out pens. We arent known to be a mecca for great art supplies so I will have to get another order together. I love this idea. Maybe I should make some pretty scripture notes to post around for visual reminders as well, one on the fridge ha ha, one on the bathroom mirror as encouragement and so on. Thank you for sharing! Have a blessed and creative weekend!

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