From A Wall Flower…

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to a SOUL Blossom~
Basic recipe:
— fabric base (hand dyed gone astray!)
— paint (acrylic and fabric types)
— stamps (pick your favorites)
— stencils (more is sometimes just… MORE!)
— foil (Jones Tones) or whatever you have on hand
— stiff interfacing (I used Timtex)
— accent fabric for flower center–I just free cut it
— quilt it all together (FMQ)
— trace and cut out shape
— back with card stock paper; (I used my UHU glue stick) and trim paper to fit the fabric shape previously cut

— finish all outer edges with a zig zag stitch 
— back the finished piece with a ribbon hanger and a dab of glue

Spring Has Sprung!


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  1. I thank our Lord Jesus Christ for you my dear sister, for your love for others and you blogging discipleship for Christ! Blissful Blessings to you and yours.xxxxooooo

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