A Fused Flower ~ or two… !

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Once upon a time 
on a cold winter’s eve, 
with the snowflakes tumbling
and I was about to freeze…!

Ok – that’ enough of poetry!  It was one of those evenings that was preceded by a long winter’s day!  Or… make that week!  And I wanted to “do” something creative.  But I also knew I didn’t have the brain power to accomplish much.   I’ve learned the hard way that I must  ~ “just say no!”  Either that, or sing the frog song!  

And as I was going through a stash of my fabrics, I saw this piece I’d dyed and painted over a year ago, now.  I’ve always liked it… It was dyed with  Dye-na-flow paint-dyes, & then highlighted it with additional Lumiere paints.  Love the colors… and I’m finally ready to try to accomplish something with it, rather than just look at it and touch it.

And I rummaged around until I found my pre-fused, pre-cut flowers.  I spent some happy moments just sitting at my cutting table, shuffling flowers.  Arranging them.  Peeling off the paper from the backs.  A little bit like playing with coloring crayons and arranging flowers all in one! 

And that’s as far I got before it was time for ‘lights out.’   I’m a morning person, and in these wintery evenings, at the most, I might have two or three productive hours left in me… and that’s on a good day!  Make that night. 

So when my gas tank is full, I’ll be putting my ‘petals’ to the metal. 

Literally!  No yawning allowed!

Have a good one,
EnJOY what you have!


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  1. I like the applique projects best 🙂
    I also looked at your silk scrap coasters then the silk quilt and table runner. The quilt is stunning. We have a bargain warehouse with some nice silks that I may have to try working with.

  2. It's lovely and I know you'll do something wonderful with it! It's funny how a piece that we've put away will inspire us in a new way when we happen upon it.

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