Gathering Gratitude on the Missouri River ~

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Hey there!
I know many of you LOVE the fall season… a time of preparation… perhaps even a ‘gathering up’ for the coming winter.  It’s a season of beautiful changes in the color of our landscapes ~ and especially in our part of the Montana Country.  I hope it is a time of contemplation and… perhaps a time of relaxation, or should I say of ‘making time’ to gather in ~ to consider ~ to enjoy.  It is certainly all of those things for myself, and our family.

So we take our little mini-road trips to get out and take in the season.  All I need say to my husband is,  “Let’s GO ~ it’s sooo beautiful out there!”  He agrees!  “Okay – let’s get goin’, then!”  And I am so grateful!  So, so, blessed, to share this ~ “all of this” life with him.

He’s a back roads kinda guy, and I love that too, so we meander those lesser known back roads.  He drives, while I take in the color, the light, the shadows… the beauty of God’s creation… and wonder…

and consider… and say “Let’s stop here!”  I say.  And we go exploring… even if just for a minute or two {or three!} and we take it all in. The spot above is known as Pelican’s Point on the Missouri River, as we headed west into the Big Belt Mountains.  We breathe in the musty, damp, swampy smell of the grasses and mud.  We smell a hint of the forest fires in the air… and listen.  Soon, there is the sparkling, happy splashes of trout jumping in the water.  It’s a pleasant sound, and we wait for more…

The grasses on the river bank were well over 6 feet high in this area.  I just loved the stripey colors, and the wonderful textures…

The river was certainly “showin’ off” for us this autumn day, even though it was slightly overcast, and then of course, we still have the forest fires and the smoke.

Another delightful show stops us in our tracks! 

And I can see that a plentiful harvest was made in the fields here…

And I am grateful for this change in the season.  Grateful to see there is always “more” than meets the eye.  

And I understand better, that is impossible to take  in ALL the grandeur. 

I gaze ~ and stand amazed.  

Lord, you are God, alone.  

Beautiful  Isn’t He?

You are!  

I stand in Awe.

And I give thanks as I gather in gratitude.  Amen.

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  1. Thank you Leslie for sharing His splendor and thank you for your blog, you continuosly bless God and bless others! Bless you my dear!

  2. Gorgeous photos, Leslie! The river truly is magnificent with grasses and subdued colors of Autumn. In New England the trees show off a bit more with vibrant shades of red, yellow and orange. Thanks for sharing and giving me a different view of Fall. Donna

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