gelli printed greeting cards ~ memorial day

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hi friends ~

i truly hope your holiday weekend is off to a great start, whatever you may be doing, whoever you may be helping, and in whatever ways we all may be remembering ~ love ~ and sacrifices made for our lives.  

i am particularly grateful for the life of our niece’s young girl, 2 year-old ‘rina’ who was miraculously saved with several other children, by the hand of God as the daycare building she was in was demolished in the tornadoes that ripped through moore, oklahama… but God had them wrapped up in his arms in that tiny little closet that was left untouched. but for God. thank you, Lord. thank you.

and i am very thankful for the sacrifices of so many loved ones who have served this country we love, who protect our freedoms, and lay down their lives for us all, whether in military service, or in all of life.  thank you.

i’m particularly grateful to know a {very tiny} bit about that sacrifice, as my oldest son completed three tours of duty in   iraq.  i cannot imagine what he saw then, how he felt, as he coped, survived, and did his duty for america. while i realize he is only one man of a larger legacy of veterans who have served in times of war, and peace, i am humbled. i am grateful beyond words.  but God. and i thank God he was able to come back to the united states of america.  

thank you for making the sacrifice, for me, for all. 

these were purchased cards, printed on the gelli plate and dried, to which i then screened  using a thermofax screen purchased from margaret applin’s shop.  i further embellished them with a stamp, and white ink.  {very fun to do!}  they are now newly listed in my etsy shop!

you are loved! may God help us all to know how much.

in the studio with jen price — come join us!

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  1. Simply beautiful…THANK YOU AND YOUR SON for the sacrifices you have made for us.. 🙂 I said a small prayer of thanks for both today when reading this .

  2. so grateful to hear you niece's daughter was saved, leslie! what a blessing! and so grateful for the sacrifices of people like your son.

    these cards are so fun and beautiful! you should share them 'in the studio'! 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh, Leslie. That was so touching. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of OK and please tell your son for me, "Thank you for YOUR sacrifices for US!"

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