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hi sweet friends!

i’m so excited to use my gelli prints in a more practical, useful way… greeting cards!  i know it’s nothing new, but i just had the best time making them ~

of course, i’m not tired of finding ways to use my stencils, thermofax screens, paints, doodles and scrapbooking embellishments, {and pretty threads!} either.  in fact… i’m becoming much more enamored with all of it!!!  {yikes!}

 i also decided to try a little different method, too.  i made color copies of my original gelli prints.  it turned out great!  that way my originals … well, stay in my originals?!  and i can embellish them over, and over… trying new styles, writings, and all that fun stuff without using up the original.  at least for awhile, until i can see where or how, i want to go with them {all!}

 some of these are still ‘works in progress’ and await further doodling but i’m excited about the possibilities that await, and thrilled with the quality of the color copies, too.

i love how i could cut the designs in different ways to create completely different, but original prints.  these are some of my very favorites.  the colors… the designs, the stamps.  the feather stamp is by the fabulous creative artist, alisa burke, by the way. i love feathers! and i really love this bible verse:

 and a thermofax screen print i love … also one of my all-time favorites ~ as well as the stencil print which is the white feathery look image underneath, both by {margaret applin designer extraordinaire!}

and there’s a wonderful freedom in knowing if i mess one up… it’s not a big loss… cuz i really love these colors, and the melody of mixed up painty goodness they are to me!!

 and the more i do… the more i wanna do!! 

 i just love the vintage writing in the journal page above.  i found an old law dictionary too, from over 20 years ago… and i can’t wait to print on it, too.

fun fun fun! that’s all i can really say … except one more: 
“bring it on!

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  1. uhm, Les? That third one looks like a pig's snout. Sow'as ear equals a silk purse, maybe. But I'm not sure about the snout. ;^)
    I am hearing lots aboyt saving the original and then printing and cutting it up. Gosh, the stash is never gonna go down. LOL Happy weekend. I'm going to try subscribing by e-mail again. ???

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