Gelli Prints Galore!

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Some of my Gelli prints were pretty-messy-not-so-great! Some of them… okay-cool. 
Photo 1 results in Photo 8, below

This particular acrylic fabric paint ‘bubbled’ a bit on the Gelli print surface, which is rather fascinating to me. I really liked the effect on the surface of a piece of somewhat ‘dull,’ hand-dyed fabric of mine. (photo 8 below)

Photo 2 results in Photo 11

This photo shows what the Gelli plate looks like after one printing.  Kinda cool, huh? I printed this off again, with results (photo 11).  And after that second printing, I added more paint right on top of the plate, leaving remnants of paint, but adding more, as well as adding Mica powders right on top of the paint, blending the powders directly into the paint  (seen below).  Very fun!

Picture 3

Picture 4 Paint with Mica powder on top

Then I spread it with a foam brush.  And I used too much paint on the plate (photo 5).  I know I read somewhere about not to do this… but when excitement kicks in… the mind kicks out!  At least I’ll know what not to do.

And then I used this foam stamp, pressing it into the surface.  Press lightly!

Photo 5

See that thick paint above on the plate?  Oops!  Don’t do that!  It is waaay too much paint! 

Photo 6

But after that first (dare I say “ugly”), yes – you can say it too… of the ‘thick paint’ print, (see photo 9), I decided to add a dab of green paint to the Gelli pad, (photo 6 above), I stamped (lightly) with my foam stamps: the checkerboard, and the flower, seen below. 

Photo 7

And with all the paint ‘leftover’ on the stamp, I began stamping on some other bits of fabric, just for kicks and giggles.  While you’re making one mess… might as well make another!

They’ll come in handy – maybe – hopefully – someday! Fusing, embellishment, or well… something, I hope!   The print below (photo 8) is from the first ‘bubbly paint’ in the first picture above. I like the bubble printed look, but not the thick paint look. Go lightly with the paint!  A brayer is the ticket… and I found mine … now.

Photo 8

Definitely NOT excited about this print. (photo 9 below)

Photo 9

But I like this one! (photo 10 below).  It’s not the best picture, but you can see the textures of the stamps and the paint is not quite so heavy.  Still a little too thick…

Photo 10
Photo 11

I liked the texture I got on this purple print. I’m not crazy about the yellow paint on the purple fabric… or maybe it’s that I’m not crazy about the purple fabric?!  That’s why I used it in the experiment in the first place! And it was what was within easy reach, too. Perhaps a pink, or a metallic color might have brought a bit of punch.  Oh well! 

Close-up Photo 11

All in all, it was a very fun experiment!  I can’t wait to practice with more ideas, playing with different types of paint, namely, my Lumiere paints.  They are better quality, so it will be fun to compare the results!

I need another messy play day… soon!

Thanks for taking time to stop in!


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  1. Les, these are sew inspiring! Nina is off for some spa treatment so I just may play while the work horse is away. Excellent show and tell. I luv both fabrics from the first photos. I gotta find myself a checkerboard. But can't wait for my own surprises.

  2. Another wow, love looking into how your mind works…sure gave me a lot of ideas, thanks so much! All your little achievements are fabulous, and works of art in themselves.

  3. Looks like you had a lot of fun with these. I received my Gelli plate in the mail a couple of days ago – looking forward to trying it. I enjoy using the real gelatine plate so thought this was a great idea.
    Thanks for your comment & advice on my quilt.

  4. These are all very interesting. What kind of paint gave the bubbles? I've been playing a bit with the fabric paint and Gelli plate of late as well.
    I started some thread work on a print yesterday. I'm curious as to what you use for a stabilizer (if you do) when you start to work on yours. Perhaps you go right to the sandwich? I back mine and do some thread work first before I add my batting and backing. I have to be careful of a few ripples here and there though.

  5. Oh what a fun day you had, and I would love to make a glamorous "mess" like that. I think your yellow and purple look pretty, it is a great combo, and I love the interesting textures. I guess it all about playing around with tools, paint, fabrics, and your imagination. You are so cool!!!!! I love it!

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