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Good Day to you all!

I’ve been taking a break from sewing and computerland for a few days; feels good!  Sooooo happy for a three-day weekend, I am!  So… taking a gander at some of my photographs, I thought I would show you this little canvas…

A few months ago, we studied the Book of Romans, and it was a wonderful study.  In that study, we learned we get our English word “sincere” from the Greek word  “sinceros” ~ which means “without wax.” Interesting.

Huh?  Wait! How do we get from sincere to ‘without wax?’

Studying  further, we learned when potters made their pots, sometimes they cracked during the firing or curing process.  To cover up the crack, the potter would add dye to a wax that matched the pot’s color, and then sell the flawed pot to an unsuspecting buyer.  When the cracked pot was used over the fire, the wax melted, the pot would leak, and of course, it was worthless.  That is why, in the letters to the Romans, Paul is instructing those new Christians – “be sure that your love is sincere… genuine… unobstructed… pure and whole!”

In other words – let your love be ‘without wax.’  This was terminology the people of that time knew well, and a great visual for them in understanding what Paul meant. 

The particular verse in Romans Ch. 12:8 says  “let love be sincere” or “let love be genuine.”   No cracks ~ no dyes ~ no false love!  Hmmm. 

 It is with this verse in mind, that I created this mixed media canvas to reflect my artistic interpretation of that verse.

 I understand better. {still learning!}  And this verse has fresh, new meaning as it comes alive to me knowing more about how it was spoken.  And… to live it out.

Ahhh ~ Genuine Love.  

The kind that is rock solid. Vibrant, and joyful.  A love worth giving.  No cracks.

The kind that is based upon the rock that is our archedos – greek for “anchor”  {another word I learned in Hebrews} and for Jesus.

I used crackle effect paint on this piece, not simply just for artsy texture, but for added meaning in the significance of this verse.

So… what does genuine love look like?  It looks like this to me, at least in part.

In the middle of the night… when the couple across the street are in a hateful argument that keeps me from sleeping, I get to pray for them… in love.  Not because I want to sleep {which of course I do} but because this is an example of the love Jesus showed us.

What about the guy speeding through the school zone ahead of me, cutting off traffic… he {or she} needs our prayers, not my arrogant, hurtling thoughts & insults, or how about this one:  “where is a cop when you need one?”  Been there.  Done that.  Yes I have.

We need the love of Jesus when we are at our worst, not at our best.  His love isn’t for just the ‘feel good’ times ~ it’s rock-solid ~ for ALL TIMES and ALL people in our life.  In the middle of the night… or busy, rushed mornings, to the high noon of the day.  

If there are people falling through the cracks of my love… then what {and who’s} love am I relying on?  The answer: My own.  Ahhhh… cracks abound. I’m barely good enough on my best day… but Christ is solid, rock-steady, and overflowing, every day, all day, 24/7. 

This study revealed to me that our human love can be just like that cracked pot.  “putting on a happy face” or being in a “good mood” doesn’t really cut the mustard.  It’s not authentic, or true…  it’s superficial and false-looking; it may look good on the outside, but it won’t hold water and it can’t take the heat on the toughest days… but Christ’s love… never fails!

Be genuine!  Let’s not let our love look like a cheap, cracked pot. 

I looking forward to the encouragement {and love} I see on the In the Studio link up with Jennifer today on STUDIO JRU.  It’s a loving, and encouraging group.  Won’t you consider it?  Come on ~ jump in and link up!  You will be so welcome.  

Soli Deo Gloria! 

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  1. Loved your artwork and also your post. I can see myself in the behind those ignorant drivers. I need to do as you suggested – and say a prayer. Thanks for those thoughtful words.

  2. This whole post moves me, convicts me, and encourages me to rise above. Thank you! Your artwork is a beautiful representation of your message that drives truth and love home!

  3. OK – so first off – your piece is GORGEOUS… that is what brought me back here… but the insight you shared on the verse in Romans 12… Priceless! I love that chapter of Romans and know it well – but I had never heard this and it will be sticking with me from now on! Thank you for that! (Plus – you are making me want to paint again… which is such a gift!)

  4. Kathleen, you must be no-reply, because I cannot email you back. But, I'm so glad to know you enjoyed this post… it means alot! Feel free to share — I would appreciate that, and may God have all the Glory!! xo

  5. This post has given me a lot of food for thought since I read it early yesterday morning. I often ponder the creative spirit and the thought processes that lead to meaningful pieces when I see successful pieces of art. Your pieces are rich in color, texture, and spirit. That is a true gift. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Leslie, you have a wonderful way with words and your work is fantastic. I try and post something positive, each day, on my church Facebook page. I would love to use some of this as a quote from you, with your permission. Thanks for sharing. It came at just the right time.

  7. oh, leslie, this piece is amazing. not only how beautiful it is, but the meaning and thoughts behind it. i love it. and i learned something with the 'without wax'… that is so interesting and neat!! xo

  8. I found your blog on Jennifer's "in the studio" party … then, whilst scrolling and gazing at your work, I saw "The Flathead Art Quilt" and had to click. I grew up in Montana too … Miles City, then Missoula! Glad to meet you and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your gorgeous work!

  9. I really like the deep color you used here. I always get a kick when I hear a word in it original form and meaning, I wonder how in the world did we get this word from that! I'm doing an Esther study right now and King Xerxes name would have translated into King Headache! 🙂 How funny!
    Blessings to you! Enjoy your weekend!

  10. I love the texture that the crackle paint lends to the piece. Your colors are so bright and happy, and the flower is just amazing. I hope you have a great weekend. Visiting from Studio JRU

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