Getting My Spring On!

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It may be too early for most of Montana flowers to show up yet, but never too early to doodle them! 

 I like shiny, sparkly, colorful pens!  Above:  Sakura’s Gelly Roll metallic pens. And below: The Glaze pen.

 My satchel bag with many of my favorite pens and pencils ~ ready to go with me.

Some of the doodles below are the result of using the Souffle and Glaze pens; both made by Sakura. I love their raised, textural look and feel.

And I love to doodle!  

And color. Hours and hours. Since I was a small girl.  Didn’t you?  I still do! It has changed forms however… be it stitching, sewing, or coloring!

Glaze pens leave a shiny, raised texture and the Souffle pens leave a chalk-like, raised texture. They are very fun Easter basket gifts — for anyone — younger or older! 

As I was going through my sketching & scrapbooking supplies, checking my pens to see which ones still worked properly, I practiced some designs and doodles in my big sketchbook…

This is a so relaxing for me, and great practice.  Works out for some fun ideas;  for envelopes, cards & quilting motifs!

I’ve always loved the simplistic style of of these adorable, tiny pink roses… an easy quilting motif, really.  Nothing but an egg shape with a swirl on the top.

On to blue flowers with nothing but simple little circles that form the cone shape.  I also thought that this  hyacinth shape would be a fun quilting design…

I always have a fun time when I make time for a play date with my pens and sketchbook!

How about you?
Have you got your ‘spring on’ yet?

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  1. Seeing your colorful pens makes me want to doodle! HOWEVER, I have an 8 year old and a 9 year old who seem to make all of my colorful pens disappear – I couldn't even find a highlighter this week when I needed one! They are both artistic and resourceful!

  2. Sandy – never learned to 'draw' myself – it came to me only after I started doodling, truly. It amounts to the same thing – practice! I did not use the Souffle pens on the blue flowers; they were all done with Marvy, a brand of watercolor type pen… and the tip/pen was pretty dried up. The Souffle and Glaze pens are not fabric friendly from what I've read; haven't tried them on fabric. They are good for hard surfaces, including cell phones, plastic, and whatnot. They hold their color fabulously, tho. Thanks my friend! XO

  3. Ohhhh I how I love all the doodle dandy,pretty colors and designs. I haven't learned to draw yet.:( YET! Leslie..tI love the water color look, on the blue flowers, did you use the Souffle pens on those? Do you know if they are fabric friendly and water resistant, or hold their color after being washed? I love your sweet spring time designs…and I know you still have all that cold weather up there! You are like a Spring Flower!

  4. No gasping allowed! But I am kinda with you on the winter stuff not being done. Winning a race with weeds has never been possible, or will it ever be! But you can "sketch your way weed-free" — Guaranteed! LOL XXOO

  5. Springing. It is making me gasp. I'm looking at a very early spring (weeds) and I'm not done all my winter stuff. Sew little time. Now your doodling is wonderful. I think my gel pens are too dry and I'll be adding the glaze and sakura ones to the city list! But there is no stopping spring so I better 'get on' with it. lol

  6. It all looks like such fun! I've been [painting tulips lately even though it will be a couple of months before I get them in my garden.

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