Ghost Town Blooms

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Left: Bryce Canyon and Right:  Ghost Town Blooms

 Ghost Town Blooms.  What do you think of the title?  Desert Ghost Blooms?  I’m ready to hear what you’re thinking!

And I hope you will tell me, and post your suggestions!  Because I will draw a name from all commenters throughout this series, since the posting of the Bryce Canyon piece, which began on October 8th! 

I am hopeful to have the prize finished and pictures taken by this coming weekend.  What will it be?  Hmmm… I’ve got several ideas, and I’m excited!   It’s a privilege to share, and to celebrate this ‘blogiversary’ with all of you. 

Soli Deo Gloria.

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  1. Beautiful, Leslie! How about Desert Blooms at Sunset? Whatever the name, the finished product is outstanding!!! Thank you for sharing your talent!

  2. Absolutely Marveles! Love it. Not sure about the ghost town tho. Desert blooms sound good to me. I have so got to try some bobbin play. I've got the threads (even a spool of razzledazzle), extra bobbin case, but not the gumption. YET! I'm getting there.

  3. Ghosting also implies an after image and I luv that fleetingness that I'm seeing. Great juxtapostioning of the horizontal lines against the upright wooden slats.

  4. I think you are incredible and your bloggin gis so much fun to follow. I think your art is more like "Haute Couture Blooms", and/or "Bryce Canyon Couture", because your lovely pieces are just that. They are eceptionally extraordinare. Superior indeed!
    Thank you Leslie for sharing.

  5. I someohow keep coming back to the name Bryce Canyon Radiance. I was also thinking along the lines of Desert Blooms or Desert Blossoms….Bryce Canyon Profusion??? Makes me think of the profusion of desertr flowers following rain….

  6. I love your work, so inspiring. Both pieces are beautiful. The colours in these quilts remind me of Bryce Canyon when we visited in May.

  7. I guess I'd like a simpler name like Bryce Canyon Blooms. The piece is so beautiful and "ghost town" does not conjure up anything beautiful in my mind.

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