A Gibson Park Fall

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Gibson Park.  One of my favorite places to walk, saunter, take in. Such a serene landscape.  Absolutely one of the jewels of Great Falls on a gloriously golden fall afternoon.  Dappled sunlight and a squirrel… on a path to discovering more!  No nuts for me, thank you!

The lawn is still green…  I think this time of year makes it become even more interesting, with deeper shades of velvety green, combined with the golden highlights of a few patches just starting to go dormant until Jack Frost and the Snowy Brigade make their march… soon.

The leaves will be falling like it’s a competition!  Another highlight of our Great Falls Skyline… the Import Depot Tower, stands as a sentinel over the park.

  A very showy Autumn, indeed!

Jack Frost is on his way.  Next week Snow predicted.  Fireplace, here we come.  In the meantime…

EnJOY the show, wherever you are!

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  1. These pictures are beautiful! No Fall colors here, except what we bring indoors. But I love to see the change of the seasons.

  2. Beautiful. Gale force winds have pretty much stripped our trees. Grass is still velvety though! I luv the word picture- march of the Snowy Brigade! It's a coming!

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