gift of finest wheat ~

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good morning everyone ~

some of you may know i’m a girl born on the prairie.  montana native. but i’m a blend… and if you were to describe it the way marketing does coffee beans… i’d be a whole bean, {never ground!} and i think it would be called “flathead prairie cherry!”  {well, maybe not?!!}  just havin’ some fun with that thought ~

anywho ~ my grandparents homesteaded in montana ~ one set in the mountains on the flathead river in western montana, where the wheat would get to 4-5 feet tall;  the other in the grasslands and prairies of northern montana near the sweetgrass hills.  

i love taking in that green wheat growing in the fields anywhere.  i also appreciate it is very symbolic of so {sow} many things.  hope.  spring.  new life.  harvest.  the plow.  and the cycle comes full circle.  it is a gift.  and a gift ~ of life and livelihood to so many in our state.

these photos were all taken last sunday morning, on our way to highwood.  the early morning sun was just fabulous in that luscious wheat, and so we i had to stop and snap a couple shots…

come rain or shine, hail or hellwater.  
it’s a gift.  all of it. 
and i pray we all have a great harvest~! amen.

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  1. Just love your photos – we may be taking a short vacation to Montana in September so may pick your brain for some must see spots.

    Great quilt too!

  2. All your photos are wonderful, but the first one took my breath away. I actually inhaled and said, β€œoh! my……” I think I need to see you interpret this in textiles…just sayin’…

  3. Thanks for sharing these fabulous photos of your beautiful state of Montana , never been there but sure would love to visit , loved the photos !

  4. I can see where it would be easy to find God where you live…beautiful! Awesome pictures..I have been sending my hub the link to look at..sure enjoy the eye candy.. πŸ™‚

  5. Gorgeous views. I noticed this morning that the wheat heads are starting to color around here. Now if we can just catch a sunny warm spell until the harvest.

  6. Oh I love those prairie views. Homesteading was a hard, hard thing, bless your grandparents for sticking it out. One of my favorite books about grasses is Verlyn Klinkenborg's Making Hay. Such a poignent and loving look at farming and the difficulties of this life. If you haven't read it you might love it…..xox

  7. I drove my parents down from Calgary, through Montana and back up to Winnipeg years ago. I think we overnighted in Billings. I LIKED Montana. I kept singing,"Lord, lift me up and let me stand …" I saw mostly tableland but you have encouraged me that there are lots of reasons to like Montana. I'm a prairie girl as well. Here is to a great harvest! πŸ™‚

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