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As I arrive for work each morning, many times I get to see this marvelous skyview as I arrive at the Missouri River Courthouse. Granted, it is not always quite as lovely as this sunrise depicts… but many times I have not really appreciated it, either.  I’m getting a bit better at that… trying to stop for a few minutes of praise and thankfulness...

The downtown area is across the river, and the solid sentinal of the Import Depot Tower is seen in the center of the picture, with the police station tower to the far right…

The river is serene, there is no wind {yet} ~ quiet and gloriously reflective as I walk the River’s Edge Trail in the dawn’s early light… and take in the almost iridescent colors of the trail of smoke cloud from the recent flight of a jet across the early sky… and wish I could stay longer… and watch the sun continue it’s steady rise into our Montana sky.

A sweet, sweet {short} walk to take a drink of the glory.

And look closely at the textures in the stone walk.  This happens to be the path around a fountain, which sits just outside my office desk window… I’m a lucky girl.   Sacajawea stands in the shadows, a lovely sculpture for the public {and me} to enjoy…

Later, while looking out the window at my desk, I just had to get out for a few minutes on a quick morning break, and capture some of these beautiful grasses on camera!  The SUN felt so good as it rose higher in our big, blue, clear sky.  These autumn colors started showing off in the depths of these perennial grasses… love, love those colors!


What a gift…  and just like His Mercies… they are new, each and every morning.  I’m so thankful!

 Blessings on your day! 
Hoping you’ll visit  my friend Jennifer, for her special “31 Days” series {and a giveaway} at  STUDIO JRU!
Soli Deo Gloria!

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  1. Beautiful! Yes, we need to take more time to appreciate His beauty that's, really, all around us, when we stop to take it in…thanks for sharing.
    Blessings xo

  2. Oh my goodness… that is your view?! Amazing! I love how you take the time to capture this beauty to share with us. Thank you!

  3. Isn't it lovely to be present for such amazing blessings…and they are always there….we just need to "see" them 🙂

    Love your pix…they are beautiful….thanks for sharing!


  4. I'm visiting via Studio JRU and am so glad I stopped by! Your pictures and descriptions created an almost tangible experience for me. I like your perspective, both in your photographs and on God's mercies.

    Anna K.

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