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You may {at least I’m hoping you will} recognize these flowers on the left side of the page from my sketchbook journal.  They were the inspiration for the quilting featured in this post: Pink Paisley Quilted Table Runner.

That is why, in part, I like to doodle and capture it in a permanent journal.  It truly does help in free motion quilting… but it also is a way to capture art from your own hand in a very free, and fun way. I used to doodle  on  8×11″ plan paper pages, and then I would put them into a big ol binder~but they become quite bulky, and they’re not always easy to use.  Don’t get me wrong~they were (and are) great resources, but my little 5″x7″ or so moleskine journal is ‘handy’ to me, when I keep it in my handbag, or by my sitting area, where I find I can, {most often!} find it, and most importantly, use it more! I always have an assortment of pens, (as anyone who knows me will testify!) but always try to have just a plain old black pen, or even a pencil, handy.  Actually, anything will do!

I used watercolors, a black Pitt pen, and some green ink from my Gelly Roll Pen Collection with a tad bit of highlights from my Gelly Roll Metallic pens. Glitter pens.  Watercolors. And heck – I just added a little of everything – I like to mix it up!  Anyone… and everyone can scribble wavy lines, triangles… and circles!

And it’s super fun!
Besides ~ it’s true … 
Every good and perfect gift is from above.  James 1:17.  
has a very good and perfect gift(s)!  
Have a great and ‘gift-ful’ day!

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  1. My doodles don't ever look like your art work doodles 🙂 You have perfected doodling. That is a beautiful little notebook and so full of inspiration.

    Thank you for sharing on Think on These Things!

  2. Tammy, thank you! Dogs are great, and you are right, such examples of unconditional love! Can we ever see too much of that? No! Journaling… sometimes it just starts with one little thing you've seen that you'd like to 'color' and then … watch out, it's an open door! Many times I get them from my flower garden…! I hope you give it another try…

  3. I am so inspired by all the art journaling. Drawing use to be easy for me, but haven't done it in years and now I am finding it not so easy after all. Your Georgia is absolutely precious — your post on she loves me, she loves me not was so sweet. And Savannah is beautiful too. Such unconditional love. Have a great week. Tammy

  4. I so enjoyed visiting your blog; it is so full of beauty, and it is clear that you are using your God-given gifts!

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