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Seriously ~ when was the last time you giggled… mmm? 

I saw this rub-on ~ the word “giggle” in my old scrapbooking supplies, and I immediately tossed it aside, thinking it was ‘too young’ — didn’t fit, was ‘too silly’… and then…

I realized I was missing out on something fun, and putting something very innocent in a big ol’ box! 

And I changed my mind… 
And I realized I DO just giggle… and this was the perfect word, after all!  I realized too, how much I ‘should’ giggle at all the silly little decisions I make when it comes to making a simple piece of art, making it complicated the way I approach, or look at things!
So just do it!  Giggle!

When do YOU giggle?  While you’re making art?  {I do!}

While you’re taking a picture of yourself?  {especially then!}

Maybe it’s when you’re singing in the car, slightly off tune, and your husband gives you the ‘look’ {but you’re sure you’re right on target with the music?!} 

Ahhh… let’s giggle ~ more!

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  1. I giggle watching the antics of my three grandchildren ….. never had this much fun with my own children (too busy raising them to be responsible adults). But grandchildren are life's joy! Giggle, giggle, giggle ….

  2. oh, no! I've lost my giggle. help, Les. Maybe I never had one??? I smile, I grin, I laugh. But giggle! I'd like to! I'll get the grand kiddies to help me!!!

  3. I giggle most when my pets start playing. I should find more humor in everyday life. Thanks for reminding me to look for it.

  4. I think I giggle with I am with my BFF. Sometimes we just down right belly laugh! It's good to be able to giggle once in a while. I think the word fits perfectly on your canvas.

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