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hi there ~

snow does put me in the mood for christmas, no doubt about it.  and i’ve been inundated with family/mom matters so haven’t really had much time to dive in and create much christmas quilting.  gosh, november is fading all too fast.

this is {again} a feathered table runner, quilted on a commercial red fabric that i happen to love.  it has text in it {one of my favorite things}. i don’t know if or when, i will ever tire of quilting feathers… and i need to challenge myself to stay on top of the skills and expand them, but i just wanted to play with red white and green.  so here we go!

i quilted the first feathers with a christmas green thread color.  then added the hyper quilting with gold.  the interesting thing is how that golden color weaves a new color story into the center spine line of this feathering…  i seriously had to look at it {more than} twice ~ just to visually understand how the color changes happened.  {you can really tell in the picture below}  the gold blended with the green and makes it not only ‘brighter’ but more of a layered, bright spring-green, and gives the christmas green feeling like more of a teal-tone, too.  {and i like it}.

i decided to add some white free-hand, quilted writing, and chose white so it would stand out. {all of the top threads used on this piece are magnifico from}

there is red razzle dazzle {in bobbin play} on the outside of the feathers, but it doesn’t show hardly at all in the bright sunny outside light.  {so it goes!}

i finished the runner with a batik binding that combined that christmas-green turned teal green, and red and gold swirls.  i love having a fun stash to dive into and create with!

and… even better, i was tickled to have it sell so quickly in my etsy shop, too.  time to get rollin’ with the season, for sure.

so here’s to november glad tidings! 


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  1. Pretty Christmas making. Yes, the holidays are coming up full and fast. Got to get a bit of making done myself. xox

  2. "Just" another really gorgeous quilt! Thanks for sharing this to us! I love the way, you quilt the feathers with different colors. What kind of sewing machine do you use?

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