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…from the frozen “snowblossoms” of montana!  i love highs of -8 wintery weather.  it makes me appreciate 20 degrees {above zero}. lol

speaking of snowblossoms ~ how i loved making this quilt.

i really did. 

{but} … i knew i wouldn’t  finish it ~ {until now}. it has been tucked away in a closet for over ten years.  motivated by recently having to move all my mother’s stuff, {and store it all} i was reminded of how much ‘stuff’ i have. and that i need to use it or lose it!  {wish i could say the same about weight loss?!!} 

anyway, it was time to make a decision.  that decision being to not ignore it {again} and shove it back into the closet!  

and while contemplating how & what to do, a divine resolution occurred in my overloaded brain.  make it into rounds. do placemats. or a centerpiece. {or several of them!}

so i cut it up.   because i was excited about the prospect of doing that, i forgot to take a picture of the whole thing.  but you can get an idea of what it looked like in it’s entirety from the pattern, below.

every snowflake edge was {patiently} free motioned, zig-zag style.  somewhat an overly ambitious task, but i actually had most of them finished.  good enough to begin for what i had in mind.

now let me say the star of the show on the snowflakes is really all about the thread.  {i know you’re not surprised}.   this time it’s glitter. made by superior threads.  {you know how much i love their threads!} a flat, hologram {100% polyester} filmy, highly-reflective thread.  and it’s a wonder!

here’s why:  
1.  it adds sparkle and dimension.  {i’m so there!}
2.  it’s washer, dryer and iron safe on medium heat.
3.  it’s a metallized polyester thread.
4.  it’s available in 24 colors.  {no i don’t have them all}
5.  it’s ideal for embroidery and quilting.

but ya gotta know how to play with it if you wanna have fun with it.  and it’s pretty simple, really.  

1. always use a metallic or topstitch needle 90/14; 
2. always lower my tension {always} down to a 1.0, {and superior threads tells you this, too}.
3. always use superior’s bottom line thread, for your bobbin thread {in a matching color value}.  it’s a sweet 60 weight, so it’s nice and thin, and balances the tension play with the glitter queen!  and finally,
4. slow down your speed

this thread will kick up your holiday stitching a notch or two, for sure!

let me say my beginner quilting skills on this piece weren’t all that consistent.  but it’s certainly good enough to finish making something of it, where it can be used and loved,   and worth the effort to finish and not to stash it {again!} 

to enJOY.

to come on out of the dark and into the light!!

yes.  that’s it! that’s  what i’ma talkin’ about! 

and i remembered using many different colors of the glitter thread in the stitching.  i do have to say, that zig zag stitching i did free motion style…was awesome!  so pretty. it just bounces with light.  i’m feelin’ the love and the rejuvenation!

i’m going to add more free motion quilting around the snowblossoms, and then bind them with coordinating batik fabric. i’ll have enough for a set of placemats, or just a decorative table accent with a beautiful angel, candle, or just for gifts!  yay!

here’s the pattern from sew be it.  cool, huh! these snowblossoms would be super cute pattern to use on pillows, or three of them together for a patchwork table runner, too. i’m sure you have lots more ideas, right?!

i’m also going to give one away ~ if you like the remake of my snowblossom that is… let me know that when {if} you comment.  and since it’s time for our december superior threads giveaway, if you’d like to win the $25 gift certificate from superior threads, then let me know that, too. so, there will be two winners this time around! 

deadline is sunday, december 8th, at 5pm mountain standard time.  hopefully, you can still get your prizes in time for christmas!  i’ll post winners on sunday evening, or monday, december 9th. if you are ‘no reply’ please leave a way for me to contact you in your comment.

thanks so much!
merry merry {glitter} christmas!
soli deo gloria!

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  1. Oooooo ….. pick me, pick me! I would love to win a $25 gift certificate for Superior Threads. I love their threads and their fabulous customer service.

  2. Sometimes projects just need to rest a bit, or a lot, in the cupboard until they are ready to tell you how they want to be finished. I don't let this resting phase bother me anymore; it's all part of the process. I'm glad you found a way to finish it as it looks like a lot of work went into the piecing. Who knew the answer was going to be GLITTER?!!!

  3. I would appreciate winning either the gift certificate or the thread. I am trying to learn free motion stitching, that is my goal for next year – to actually do it. Your work is such an inspiration!

  4. I enjoy all of your work, and these sparkly snow blossoms are precious! I'm especially fond of the glitter thread free motion . . . really adds to the look of the patch! I want to win it *or some glitter thread* to inspire me some more!

  5. Leslie, you are such an inspiration. When I get my emails and I see one from you, I always read them first. You make me smile. I love everything you do. I would love to win your snow blossoms and your gift certificate. Stay warm. Happy Holidays Phyllis

  6. Leslie you are such an inspiration!!! Especially at -8. When I get my emails and see one from you I always read them first. You make me smile. Yes I would love your snow blossoms and the gift certificate. Have a great day.

    Happy holidays, Phyllis

  7. I'm sorry you're having -8. We're quite balmy here at 0. Very pretty, very sparkly. If Mr. Random were to chose my number, I'd go with the gift certificate and let someone else experience your beautiful handiwork.

  8. Very pretty – I find your work inspiring, and would love a snow blossom, and sure wouldn't turn down a gift certificate! Thanks for the chance. 🙂

  9. I'd love one of your snow blossoms – their glittery yummy. I'd also love to win some Superior thread.
    Happy Holidays – I love reading your blog.

  10. I would love to win the gift certificate. I love Superior Threads. I've been doing a bunch of quilting with the clear this week combined with bottom line.

  11. I'd love to win, I love the look of anything that glitters. I tried glitter thread last week for the first time and was so happy with the results.

  12. I would love to win some Superior Thread. Their thread is wonderful. Thanks for showing us your inspiration to finish up a UFO.

  13. I love thread that glitters and would love to win those. Anything you do is awesome and I would love that piece also. Thanks for all your tips and creative blog.

  14. Thanks so much for sharing, Leslie. i would love to win one of your snowblossomm projects and a gift cert for Superior threads would be great, too…

  15. Glitter in top, razzed-dazzle in bobbin, I love the way thread enhances the projects! And thanks for showing how to successfully use them. I want to follow along with threads,, it would be wonderful to win those! Thanks

  16. Leslie, first of all thank you so much for you donation to our church fair!! Got it yesterday and put out . Our minister has her eye on it!! Love your snow flake placemat!! Also I love Superior threads and I have all of the metallics plus 5 or 6 the glitters. I don't use them in a machine….as "I" am the machine. I use a tambour hook and superior is one of the brands that work well and don't break .

  17. I would be thrilled with either one! I'm due to make an order from Superior threads.
    It is so much fun to repurpose and finish a UFO. And that is such a sweet pattern.

  18. GLITTTTEERRRRR THHHRREEEAAADDD!!!! I adore this stuff. I splurged and bought Superior's thread stand just so I can use this stuff (okay, and make my Singer Featherweights use cone thread more easily). I only have 3 spools of the glitter but it is awesome.
    While the pattern you used isn't available any longer, they have one called Flurries (SBI #1906) which aches for Glitter.
    All this said, I adore your artwork and want you to stay warm and indoors today. Mighty cold!!!
    Peace, love and sparkles,
    Christina in Cleveland

  19. Gosh Leslie, I found my first and only table runner 3 days ago and wondered when was I going to do free motion on it. I will hang on to it for future artwork. Your sharing, teaching, and encouraging is so loving. I just love your creative-ness. Very pretty, I do have Superior Glitter, and I shall get it out and play. Just want to come up and take a classes from you!

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