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I enjoy ‘foiling’ – it’s rather addictive, partly because it’s mostly instant gratification. I want to also try it with stamps, and thermofax screens… when I have more t-i-m-e!  You know – that “T” word!

And…a continuation from my Sunday Clean-Up & round robin ‘event’ – ha!  Found this small piece of leftover hand dyed fabric found stuffed in the stash of ‘I want to do something with this” — soon.  Ahem.  Okay. What’s the hold-up??!!

So I wrote on it using the tip from the Jones Tone’s glue.  I actually used a phrase I had found in my journal — well at least part of it.  One I was happy to ‘refresh’ my memory with.  Want to memorize.  As you may see from pics… I didn’t quite get it right… that probably wasn’t memory as much as writing skills.  Or perhaps more to the point, would be my concentration skills?  LOL.  A tiny setback.  Won’t let that stop me. Onward…to GRACE!

The glue takes maybe 15-20 minutes to dry, depending on how thick it was laid on.  30 minutes is probably best.  Then you press the foil on top of the glue design.  

Shiny side up!  

Just like fryin’ eggs!

See the “u” on lower left of photo?  The glue got ‘squished’ when I pressed the foil, as it wasn’t completely dry.  Still!  Cool!

If the glue isn’t completely dry, it will squish down as you rub lightly with your finger, or nail.  Kind of a cool effect, actually.

And there you have it.

GRACE.  Unlimited.  Unmerited.  Undeserved.  

UNSTOPPABLE!  That’s the word I’m missing!  Thank God, it is just… that. 

Smiling.  Grateful ~~~ for GRACE.  I hope you are too.  We all are in need of some… be generous with it today! Make that… right now.  Make it… ALWAYS.


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  1. Good Morning, Leslie.
    Always have to smile as I feel the joy with which you approach your projects. Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. Foils and Jones Tone glue is ANOTHER supply collecting dust! arggghhh I'm going to get these things out where I can see them and then get those fabric rejections from the corners of drawers and grab some grace to get things done. Foiled words. Brilliant!

  3. Hi Leslie! Thanks For Poppin' By During Sneak Peek Friday! Sure Enjoyed Your Visit And Now I'm Enjoying Mine Here On Your Lovely Site. Your Quilting Is Absolutley Beautiful!!! I Got Here Just In Time For A New Post And I Love This Newest Technique. Wow ~ Such Talent Out Here In Blogland And I Can't Tell You How Much Fun It Is For Me To Meet New Friends And Share In Their Joy For Art. I'm Following You As A New Friend As Of This Morning And Look Forward To All The Fun Days Ahead When Visiting You. Again ~ Your Work Is Truly Amazing! My Grandmother Was A Quilter And Seeing Your Delightful Handiwork Brought Her Immediately To Mind. Have A Glorious Weekend. Hugs Of Georgia Sunshine, Terri

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