grandbabies !

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yup!  you know it ~ cutest grandkids, right?  lol  

for sure ~ every child is precious!

we sure enjoyed ours, as we don’t get to see them very often, unfortunately.  maybe… someday?

“little” aiden ~ two years old, and cute as a button.  and then his new brother, liam.  precious.  it’s really difficult to come up with something unique, in describing these sweet faces.  what i know, and can only say… what a blessing!!  i know so many of you know exactly the same thing, right?  

and now that we’ve become grandparents, it’s easier to understand the saying i’ve heard so often:  “there are no grandchildren of God.”  

so true!

mom brianna and baby liam

 oops!  i think aiden’s new “tatoos!” {shall we creatively say} reflect a certain lapse on the part of his grandparents in watching him?  too funny!

sweeeetest faces… and there was lots of kisses and hugs shared all around!  

we loved every minute!  

and we are thankful.

hope you had a blessed weekend and holiday, too! 

see ya later~

i have some news to share about my latest sewing ‘renewal’ as a couple  clothing patterns have surfaced in my studio!  lol!  hey!  I’ve even actually sewed up a skirt or two.    yay!!!!


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  1. So precious,and pure, and I am so glad you got to love on them, God is so very very good. Thank you for sharing your little darlings Leslie. Way too cute!

  2. Cutie Wooties….love the Dude and his marker cheek. Sewing patterns, okay, now you are so way out of my league! HA. xox

  3. hello dear Leslie! missed being here, had some computer issues but I am back 🙂 LOVE your sweet grandchildren..I have one and am VERY thankful! hugs, jane

  4. Cutest little guys! I can see why you enjoyed their company. Classic marker face although it could have been much more dramatic 🙂 Some kids go to town decorating everything in sight. Oh, how I know!

  5. Nothing like a grandchild. So true. Yours are gorgeous. I'm glad you got to spend time with them.

    I've never sewn clothing for myself. Isn't that a crying shame?

  6. What precious babies Leslie!!! Aren't grandchildren the most awesome blessing ever?!?! So glad you got some good quality time with them :*)

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