Grandparent Joy!

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Hi there!  Grandma Leslie here!

We just got back from a long weekend trip to Idaho, where we were able to hug, kiss, and cuddle our first grandchild, Aiden James, now one month old. As many of you already know and have experienced with grandchildren… pure joy, Joy, JOY!

So fun to hold and rock!   

 We are so glad we got to love him up a little bit for a couple days. Until next time! 

Grandpa Brian in heaven!

I tried to post from our new iPad… in fact, I had posts prepared… but for some reason I could not get them to publish… so apparently, I have not formulated the finesse to do that consistently just yet!  Hmmm. 

Have a blessed week!  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Oh gee whiz, you should post a warning before posting pictures of such beautiful babyness! My little man is almost 2 and I'm fighting off a case of baby-itis. I'm too old to do it again (or so I tell myself) and you are looking fabulous for a grandma!

  2. Being a grandparent is absolutely the best. You will love this cuddly stage and every stage after that. Congratulations and enjoy!

  3. What a BLESSING! What a wondeful little man! Welcome to life in the grandparent lane. I'm not real experienced but I have noticed it is not as straight as the parent lane. Lots of meandering! lol

  4. Congratulations and Blessings to you and your beautiful family. Your face is beaming with joy! You must feeling like singing all the time!

  5. Congratulations! About six months ago I figured out how to post pictures from my iPad, it takes a bit more time. I believe i used Dropbox or another picture manipulator to post the pics. If i can remember, I will email you.

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