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Happy TUESDAY Give-A-Way! 

More round placemats~love the round~but a different design~a pattern of my own imagination. A good time was had by all!  That’d be me! {and that’s really all that counts!}

What better time to try out the GRIP & STITCH quilting disks?

A few weeks ago, I was asked if I would be interested in giving these quilting disks a try.  I had heard about them, and truthfully … was slightly skeptical.  I am a ‘glove girl’ and I mean, seriously, what serious quilting gal quilts without her “white gloves” I ask?  Well!  {in all seriousness}… 

I was pleasantly surprised how versatile they were.  Easy to grip – easy to manuever — way easier than I had imagined.  And they are really quite grippy, perhaps even more than the gloves… but in a good way. And more comfortable.  When teaching free motion classes, I have heard students sometimes complain the gloves are too hot, making their hands sweaty. Although that was not my issue, the bulkiness did get in the way at times.

I was intrigued with the two different sizes that come as a complete pair.  The smaller size is for the right hand, to fit in what is usually a smaller space in the sewing machine, but of course, you can switch that up if you’d like – and I did, just to test them out.

It did take a bit of time to get the hang of it, but I’m tellin’ ya – it’s a tiny learning curve – like 60 seconds.  But what I love the most about this CLEVER CRAFT TOOL?  I don’t have the inconvenience of taking my gloves off to re-thread my machine, troubleshoot any quilting issues, and they are super-easy to manipulate on the quilt top.  {and they are made in AMERICA the BEAUTIFUL!}

Georgia also gives them a 9.50 out of 10 rating!  {being a super athletic Border Collie, she was a bit miffed that she couldn’t try them out herself} ~ {yikes} ~ but since I was excited… she told me that works for her, too! {such a smart & clever dog!}  Savannah was too shy to come downstairs, so she waited for the results in the bleachers with baited breath! 

And I really do give them a TEN.   Now, let me say too… I have not yet tried them on a large quilt, where I wonder about all that bulk of the quilt, but if this test is any indication, it should be just fine.  They are proving themselves to be a handy tool I am loving using.  And I quilted six of these placemats with them, and a new Christmas wall quilt: “Nuttin’ for Christmas”, to be posted soon.

What it really means is this, ladies and gentlemen: you have {more} CONTROL!  {you wanted some didn’t ya?}  Well, I stitched around all of these little flower petals free motion, and really enjoyed putting the disks to the test on this project.  I really like just being able to let go, lift my hands off, and do whatever I need to do with my fingers, {like drink my cup of tea}, or change threads… and not have to pull my gloves off to do so.  Nor lose them in the fabric, like I sometimes did with my gloves.  {ahem}

Clever, yes. But more than that, I really do appreciate GOOD {useful} tools! They make the beautiful things we love to make even more enjoyable. And I think the Grip & Stitch disks are a cool {and clever} tool. While I may not give up my gloves entirely, I say these are a worthwhile investment.  If you would like to see a video, visit Clever Craft’s You Tube site, here. I asked Georgia to take a video of me using them, but she got bored and decided to go sniff at the kitty. Silly dog! {quilting disks are for people … not for dogs!} LOL!

Thank you Clever Craft Tools for asking me to do this review!  I am honored, and it was fun to try them out. I like them ~ lots, and will use them… more!

I have  a pair to give a way, too, of course; {free shipping by MarveLes Art Studios}.  Retail price is $29.95, where you can purchase them at Clever Craft Tools , or get them on a great sale price at Fat Quarter Shop, or Amazon.  

Just leave a comment on this post ~ {a clever one if you want} or just say hi to Georgia, and you’re entered to win!  If you tweet it, post to facebook, or pin this post on pinterest, or any other social media of your choice, or become a new follower of the blog, I’ll give you an extra entry for each “thing you do.” {whew – that was a mouthful}.  Pretty please, leave a comment each time you do, as that will make it easier for the random generator who will pick the winner.  

Winner announced Saturday  November 9th by noon Mountain Standard Time! Thanks for coming by, and for being a faithful reader and encourager here on the blog!  I have more to give ~ “MarveLeslie” more!?”

Come back soon ya hear? {insert voice of Jethro of the Hillbillies}

Comments 25

  1. I'm having trouble thinking of anything clever, just came from the dentist, have other things on my mind like am I drooling? What if the phone rings? These grips look very interesting, thanks for Sharing!

  2. Thank you Leslie & MarveLes Art Studios for the wonderful review! We are thrilled that you love the Grip & Stitch Quilting Disks as much as we do. For all those that were interested in these quilting disks, you can buy online ( or visit our retail/wholesale page ( Have a local quilt shop that you frequent that you would like to carry these? Give them our info and we can work with them to carry them! Happy quilting! – Clever Craft Tools

  3. I would definitely like to try the Grip & Stitch. I've tried using the gloves, but they are a bit too big and have to be removed to use my scissors. However, I just saw Dahn's suggestion of laying them on the fabric. I'll have to try that.

  4. Hi Georgia! I just wanted to say that I use my gloves and leave the gripper side on the fabric and just lay my hands in top of them. I HATE wearing them, but love the control. So these quilting disks look like they are right up my alley. Even if I don't win, I am going to get me a pair.
    Thanks for offering these! I love them and I LOVE your blog. 🙂

  5. The discs look like they could be very helpful! I'm one of those quilters who just doesn't like to wear gloves, but these discs sound like they would be worth trying! As always, thanks for sharing your beautiful work and ideas!

  6. Pam from Lincoln, NE
    WOW those grip discs look wonderful. forever having to take the gloves off and on to change thread, etc. those would really cut down on time, I would think.
    wish I had them now as I'm under the gun to finish up a project to turn in to a show at our church by the 17th. do appreciate the chance to be in the running. love your blog, Leslie….you have beautiful work.
    tell Georgia my Obie says "Hi"… he's many times close by in the art room.

  7. I would love to try these for machine quilting. My gloves are so grey from picking up dyes from fabrics, there is no way I could show them! And the cuffs are worn out from always off and on again. These discs would be perfect!

  8. These look great! I would love to give them a try on the 2 free motion quilts I have waiting to be stitched.

  9. I'm a great fan of 'tools' after my mil told me one time that men have tools in their garages, and so women must have tools around the house! Wow – that one statement has cost me a lot of money over the years, but saved me a ton of time in convenience. Thanks for the report.

  10. Your round placemats are beautiful, Leslie! Love seeing your gorgeous work. You don't need to put me in the drawing because I haven't the first clue to quilting. I would want someone to win that would enjoy them! I can imagine how Georgia wanted to try them out! lol

  11. Very interesting! I'd love to try those out, and free would be best of all, right? I usually stick with my gloves with the fingers cut out, but that means I lose the "grip" of the finger area. I just have to be able to pick up threads, etc. It sounds as though these would take care of that dilemma.

    Your round mats are really, really cute too :*)

  12. Georgia, you are SO lucky your mom even offered for you to try the disks (whatever the heck those are!). My mom keeps trying to keep me from sleeping behind her machine so I don't think she'd even show me the 'disks'. I'd most likely try to eat them anyway!

    Looks like you are a lucky dog too! My mom said she hopes she's lucky dog too and wins! But if not, I'll just give her a big old wet smooch and that will make her feel better!
    p.s. Mom said to tell your mom thanks for the review. She's always wondered about those 'disks' too!

  13. What a great idea. I am forever taking my gloves off and putting them back on. If I had seen these in Houston, I'm sure I would have purchased them

  14. It is 6 am here and I am excited to enter your give away. Give Georgia a big hug and hi from me. Your review was very convincing. Even if I don't win I will be checking these out.

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