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Grow. In every single moment… there is significance.

I started with a hand-stamped “g” and stitched around it, free motion with white thread.  Then turned it to the back, and did the bobbin play around the same path.

The bobbin quilted flowers were placed randomly. And I then switched to a polyester tri-lobal, and went around them again, adding details, or more build-up of thread around the petals as I liked.

 It’s a small paper-fabric art quilt.   6″ x 8″

 I added some black thread in King Tut, for the letters ‘row’ and some more quilted flower motifs in a smaller size.

 A little bit of this… and little bit of that.  Leftover candy wrapper… paint on a leftover paper towel… tissue paper, and a couple of stickers.

  All you have to do is add the fun… and then …

’till the Mascara 

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  1. A feast for the eyes and words for my heart. Significance in every moment–even when the rain is pouring down, the kids are playing with playdoh, the dishwasher is humming away and there are still dishes piled high in the sink and I'm itching to stitch while I'm surrupticiously on the computer!

  2. I don't know about the mascara now, but when I grow up I might become serious. ;^) But it's gonna take a long time to grow up, I think! Fantastic!

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