Happy Mail! ~ New Pattern, Kits and More!

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Who doesn’t love Happy Mail!  Well, I know I do!  I bet you do too. 

Happy Mail” is my newest pattern design, and it features three different sizes, 18×26″–13×20″ and 8×10.”  Lots of fusing hints, quilting tips, and I’ve included what I teach in my classes:  “the 3-D’s” of placement technique and of course–lots of illustrative photos and full size patterns. The envelope is three-dimensional with a layer of batting and ‘trapunto’ effect. 

By far, I *love* making the “Mini’s” of Happy Mail!  This 8×10″ size is addictive–SO EASY to do in an afternoon, and these little gems are also very quick to quilt as well!  Really–from start to finish, in an afternoon of four hours or less.  What a sweet little piece of HappyMail! to send to someone you love–for Mothers Day–or any day!  These days are the perfect time to send some sweet encouragement to anyone. 🙂 For sure!!

And it helps it to go really quickly if the flowers are already pre-fused and cut, of course–the Mini 8×10″ piece–is easily simplified and created with less than 50 pieces, give or take!  Just take a look below at several versions I’ve done of these little cuties!  Just 3-5 “main” flowers of 3-4″ in size, then a few littles, and lots of leaves make this a real charmer!

And if you’d rather not make one–I’ve created six different versions of these originals–available for purchase at just $79.  Check them out in the quilt section of the shop!

Available in the shop are Patterns only, Fabric kits with pattern, and pre-made fabric kits for the mini version–which includes *all* the flowers pre-fused and hand-cut!  ALSO included in the background, where I’ve already cut it to size, added the padded envelope and stitched it down for you. Also included is the batting, backing and binding, which has been pressed and folded in half!  All you do is peel, stick, arrange, and have a good time doing it!  

  Let your light shine–send someone a smile–and make each day awesome!

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