Happy Thanksgiving ~ from my Sketchbook

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  ~Giving Thanks~

I am thankful to God for YOU, dear reader, friend, comrade, and Sister.

You are in my prayers.

You are part of my thankfulness this holiday of Thanksgiving.

I am thankful that we can create art, take pictures, explore the wonders that God gave us, “In the beginning; “… God created the heavens and the earth.” {Gen 1:1} 

You see, it’s really all about Him.  An attitude of gratitude, but also an act of worship.  Thankfulness.  Recognizing, in Whom, from Whom, all this is possible.

Brian and I not only wish you a grateful Thanksgiving, but we stop and pause.  To worship Him, to give HIM thanks.  To remember that ALL WE HAVE has been provided through His Hands.  And we are grateful.  
We give thanks, and remember that we have Thanksgiving, not to celebrate family.  Although we certainly do.  Not to eat well ~ because we have always had more, way more ~ than we need. 
We stop to be thankful to our great I AM. He is the One who has been, who is, and who will forever be, our Savior, Provider; the one and only Living God.
We hear a lot about “worship”—but what is it exactly?  
{Max Lucado}
Worship is when you’re aware that what you’ve been given is far greater than what you can give.  
Worship is the awareness that were it not for God’s touch, you’d still be hobbling and hurting, bitter and broken.  
Worship is the “thank you” that refuses to be silenced.
Oh we’ve tried to make a science out of worship.  We can’t do that any more than we can “sell love” or negotiate peace.”   
Worship is a voluntary act of gratitude offered by the saved to the Savior, by the healed to the Healer, and by the delivered to the Deliverer.
If you and I can go days without feeling an urge to say “thank you” to the One who saved, healed, and delivered us, then we’d do well to remember 
what He did!
All this is for your benefit, so that the grace that is reaching more and more people may cause thanksgiving to overflow to the glory of God.  
2 Corinthians 4:15”

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  1. So very true. It's all about Him!
    Received your beautiful card today – thanks again! I love it. 😀 Happy Thanks!

  2. Beautiful, Leslie. It really is all about Him and you have shared that wonderfully. And… your turkey makes me smile. 🙂

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