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hey friends ~  

part two with gradients made by vicki welsh!  this delicioso, gorgeous, hand-dyed fabric is called ‘key west.’  and like the long-ago {1970’s?} calgon commercial ~ all i can say is: “key west… take me away” ~ please!

okay, so i’m not going to key west!  but i do {still} get carried away by the beautiful fabrics this talented lady creates… and here is a piece i designed from it:

simple curve piecing, feathers, and straight-line quilting.

and this one is next in the line-up:

i was able to cut enough curvy sections, with the additional batik fabric, to make three of these.  i hope you’ll come back to see what becomes of the other two!  they are so pretty… have you fallen in love with hand-dyed’s yet?  and have you commented for a chance to win some of vicki’s fabric, yet?  if not, you better go here… and do just that!  i’m selecting a winner june 23rd!

hint:  if you like this colorway/combo… then stay tuned for all the details…  i’m going to finish the quilting, and give away one of these new summerlicious curvy pieces to a lucky commenter! 

it’s almost summer… let’s celebrate!
have a great weekend!

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  1. I love the table runner! The colors, design and quilting are all so wonderful. I am glad I have a large table to make one of these for myself. All I need is some of Vicki's wonderful fabric!

  2. I bought this beautiful fabric from Vicki too. Absolutely beautiful. I plan to use it as inspiration to practice on my longarm. I've been enjoying what you've been doing in your art making.

  3. Those colors are absolutely lucious! We don't need Calgon to take us away any more when we have Vicki's fabrics and your creative talent!

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