He Loves Me ~

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 For ME?  You shouldn’t have! {uhm… i had no choice}

  He loves me …

He Loves Me Not …

He loves me …

He loves me not …

He loves me …

… not! {yes, she picks them apart petal by petal} and look at that little heart-shaped nose!

 “Oh – you mean You love me?”

Yes… Georgia.  We {still} love you!   🙂

I have come to know that having a puppy alongside in the garden is to be deemed a blessing, and I get to meet the challenge of  how to entertain her while I dead head my flowers.  All I need to do is throw them to her… 

EnJOY … ALL your blessings!!! 

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  1. LOL – I can just see her "casually" lunging at the flower……….looking at you with each pulled petal, fully believing you don't notice a thing she is doing!

  2. What a sweet face your Georgia has, Leslie! And you are so right, "give thanks in all things"! Blessings to you, friend!

  3. Wow – she's so adorable! That blue eye is amazing. And don't you just love osteospermums? Sooo gorgeous!! I've got some in containers.

  4. She's quite the character, have no doubt! And you know, she really IS adorable {most of the time!} Thanks so much for taking a second look!

  5. So adorable, she may eat my flowers any day! I had to look twice to see if she really does have one brown and one blue eye or if it just was an optical illusion.

  6. Pretty cute! I'm not luving my big dog so much. He is a good, sweet dog but this summer he has decided to dig down and lay on cool ground. I am not so in luv because he is tearing up roots and everything! And the puzzle is that the weather hasn't been that hot and his winter coat is long gone. ??? Maybe if he had a heart shaped nose! lol

  7. Sweet Miss Georgia Daisy Girl, whaaaaat a sweet face, and a gardener at heart! Love the shots Leslie!

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