“A Healing Heart for Sara”

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My friend Sara lost her dear Mom, Josephine quite recently.  I did not personally know her Mom, but I know she made many beautiful quilts and other items for her children and grandchildren, and was a talented lady all the way around… very much like Sara.  I had been planning on making a collage quilt for Ms. Sara as part of my ‘girlfriend series’ and I had made this ‘background’ prior to Sara’s Mom passing.  As I began to prepare to quilt this collage and add the fabric heart elements, God gave me these inspiration, as I thought and prayed about Sara and her Mom.  And these three words came to mind:   
Love.  Hope. Healing.
“A Healing Heart for Sara”

My glaze pens came in handy to draw those tiny little hearts and without having to cut tiny bits of fabric. I then turned to the green pen for a bit of a leaf shape. If you haven’t tried them, they are very cool.  They dry shiny and somewhat dimensional.

I chose to outline the delicate little purple hearts in white thread (but not the leaves).  I really liked how they stand out.

A bit of metallic paint to highlight.  Some angelina fibers, free motioned to quilt them down.  Then some Superior Rainbow tri-lobal polyesters for more bright, interesting change of colors.

To finish off the quilt, I added a purple, white-dotted batik on three edges.  i thought it tied in with the white quilting thread, yet blending with the colors of the quilt just enough.  The bottom edge is finished with twisted yarns and metallic threads, then they were free motioned in a zig-zag to attach.  The quilt also has curvy edges. 

Sara, may you find comfort and peace in this time of grieving… and may God continue to hold you in the palm of his hand, and may you know the never-ending love and hope of Jesus as endless as the endearing and sacrificial love of your Mom for you.  In the precious name of Jesus.  Amen.

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