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hello ~ 

first, i want to let you all know of a “boo-boo” in my earlier post with the prayer as i inaccurately quoted the wrong author! {darn it}. it was not written by susie larson, but was written instead by author emily freeman, from “chatting at the sky” {it’s a wonderful blog and website ~ i hope you click on the link and visit it soon!}  

ok… so this is one of my practice “lettering” doodle-type pieces … and i often practice these as i’m listening to radio, tv, or even while i’m in the courtroom sometimes… it’s one of those things i started doing as a young adult, {to keep awake!}… but these days, i find it is almost a meditation of sorts, as it also helps me concentrate, and listen better. hmm…  

the result is a pencil drawing, pictured below, on a large 8.5″ x 11″ inch piece of paper, which also serves as a way to improve my “muscle memory” ~ in order to transfer hand writing on paper, to the quilted fabric.  i love lettering~writing.  it’s always been something i have been drawn to {forgive the pun!} lol  

so i’ve stored these little practice pieces in a folder, and i pulled one out recently, and decided to illustrate it on a piece of  11″x14″ piece of hot press watercolor paper over the last weekend.  i just needed to do something to relax, and unwind after teaching on saturday. 

 and then adding the pen work.  i like to use pitt pens, or uni pens.  {sharpie pens tend to spread on watercolor paper}.

 and some watercolor action:

 and i purposely re-wet the pink/purple flowers to make the color bleed, but i’m not sure i like that look…  {or more likely i need to learn {and practice} that particular technique, just a tad bit more…

 and some bead action…

below: framed in my living room, on one of those inexpensive, clip-up and frameless… frames.  it has glass on it {therefore the glare}.  but it’s an inexpensive way to frame, and display. i purchased it at michaels for $7.99 i believe.

{His love never… ends}  
soli deo gloria

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  1. His Love Never Ends is lovely and yes, I love the watercolors bleeding outside the lines and the pretty needs. So pretty….and this is your downtime artwork! MARVELOUS indeed!

  2. I'm a note taker. But mostly just to stay focused. Hmm, I should try doodling! 😉 Your sketchy prints are glorious. I am gonna get myself some of those frames. Bless you!

  3. that's beautiful – you've inspired me to get my watercolors out again. I don't really know how to draw, but with watercolors you don't have to. Too much 🙂 Karen

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