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Tis the Season!  And so… Christmas seems to always bring new things, whether to my heart… or my art! And at the very least, I pray it does for each of you, too.  And so… speaking of art, I was inspired to create a lovely scene. From my imagination and my childhood… that of bringing home the Christmas tree in a cute, charming red  truck! While I don’t recall a red truck, my Dad did own a red Dodge at one time… so both have combined, to create “Home For Christmas” ~ my new collage styled pattern.

I will tell you… I had a few mis-starts here.  You’ll see the first prototype of the pattern, in a photo below.  While it was still cute enough… I felt other fabric choices for the truck might be more appropriate, and I also thought it was missing something… and more depth. So back to the drawing pad I went!

I ended up with mountains in the background, a few more trees and a special touch — glowing, sparkly angelina fibers!  If you’ve never played with this amazing and versatile space-age styled fiber, you are missing out! It’s easy to work with, and when heated with an iron, it creates it’s own sheet of fibers as it sticks to itself.  But it’s absolutely vital to work with a teflon sheet to create a sandwich to protect the fibers. Once it’s sandwiched, just press with an iron, and it fuses to itself, creating it’s own ‘fabric’ surface! You pick it up as you would a piece of cloth, you can tear it cut, and place it wherever you want, which is what I did, using a little dot of glue here and there.  Then I quilted right over it!  It really is quite magical.

I added additional cute little details, with  presents, a wreath and bow, word labels, and my signature fabric … silver metallic and gold metallic lame’ fabric.  I love this stuff!  So the truck ends up with lots of shiny stuff!  Very. Very. Christmassy!

 In this pattern, I’ve included quite a few up close photos of the details, too.  So there’s lots of inspiration for you to create one of your very own!  This quilt finishes to about 24 x 27″ give or take.

Hey!  I’m offering free shipping on my Etsy site, just for a limited time–until December 15th only.  If you order “Home for Christmas” by that date, I’ll also add in a “license plate” — hand lettered by me, and it says “Merry Christmas” just as you see featured in the photos below.

Let me add that the beautiful background fabric is designed by another Montana artist. The color is periwinkle, it’s name is “Sugar Plum” by McKenna Ryan for Robert Kaufman Fabrics.  I am sure you can find it online if it’s not in your local shop! My pattern is very detailed, with tons of hints and tips… and designs for free motion quilting.  And LOTS of COLOR photos!

I hope you love it!  I sure do. It’s my favorite so far!! LOL
And it’s coming to a quilt store near you… and if not, please ask for it?  I would of course, love and appreciate if you would share it on any of your social media hang-outs, too!

Thank you for being here today!  Merry Christmas!

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