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hi there ~

as i’ve explored the “land of watercolor,” i’ve begun to understand the differences between types of paper; “cold press”  and “hot press” specifically. 

in my limited experience, only cold press paper is available locally, and seems to have the most selection, as well, either online, or in a crafty store. what I love about hot press is the texture is definitely a higher grade, and much smoother, and seems to warp just a little bit less than the cold…  and personally, i like it far better.  the cold press has a rougher surface, but it also performs pretty well, overall, and all of my cards you’ve seen on the blog have been cold press.

now ~ these “feathered” watercolor pieces are 11×14″ ~ hot press paper.  one of the features that has strong appeal for me personally in using hot press paper, is that  it’s much easier to write  s m o o t h l y  on it, too, giving me a crisp edge, and no need to worry about bumpy paper when I write.  that’s worth the price of admission, as the hot press is a bit more expensive, as well.

{of course, there are microbeads on a couple of these pieces}.

and… i continue with my fascination of feathers ~ in various color combos, types, and adding my love of lettering. 

and … they are newly listed in my shop, too. 

have a great day ~

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  1. oooh! That last one is HOT!!! I can get to an art store, in fact I waved as I passed it yesterday as we hurried to our appointment. And yes, they carry hot press and like you I am learning SO much about what I like and what I want and then there is the cost factor. vbsigh Good to have a reminder of how much certain habits, cough cough, cost others so…. happy day!

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