Hungry Horse!

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Appropriate title in light of this being Thanksgiving Week! I’ve been revisiting some older photos…

Ahh… woodsmoke in the background.  Light rain… and very cool temps.  

When my husband and I were first dating, we packed our lunch, and took day trip in the late fall season, just at Thanksgiving time, 2007, on Hungry Horse Lake, near Columbia Falls, MT, where he was living at the time.  We shared a wonderful Thanksgiving with his parents, playing cards, eating, and watching tv and then later in the weekend, we went on a small hike before driving around this huge man-made lake.  We also saw a black wolf that day.  Amazing wilderness.

 The lake has been drawn down quite alot by the time late fall arrives… and it’s always intriguing for me to explore… sit on the rocky shore, and take it all in!

Me n my best dog Micah!

 The larch tree needles have fallen into the lake, and then washed onto the shore in an interesting visual pattern.

It’s pretty revealing for me to look back on these pictures I took then.  I had purchased a more ‘advanced’  Kodak camera late that same summer, and was just having fun learning about it.  Of course, I always take pictures in the hopes of turning them into an art quilt… and I am glad to revisit them!  You just never know what may strike you a bit differently a few years later.  

Nothing but SWEET… all the way around.  

We were married in May of 2008.  I’m so THANKFUL for you, my darling husband!  Precious Memories!  



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  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories and talent, Leslie! I love reading and really enjoy your photos as well – not to mention the quilts of course!!!

  2. Soli Deo Gloria, indeed!! your beautiful photos tell a story of sweet memories…..i hope you have a very blessed thanksgiving! xoxo

  3. I can see you have a lot to be inspired about. The mountains are beautiful. I'll check out that book, it sounds like fun. Have a great Thanksgiving.

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