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hi there ~

wow, it’s been a week… or should i say it’s felt like two weeks this last week?  lol ~ wowzers.

proverbs 3:4 was the inspiration for the watercolor cards i made for miss rachel’s wedding as part of her decorations.  we used them for her bridal shower, and also they will at the reception on the guest’s tables.  

all thirty two of them!  they were a lot of fun to make, even though my wrist got a little tired, i enjoyed the hand lettering, and the beautiful color theme she chose for her wedding are also among my personal favorite colors of coral and pink.  

it will be nice that she can also use them for thank you cards, or whatever she wishes, too {after the honeymoon!

the little micro bead hearts on them make them extra special, i think.  such a simple touch.  and the black doodled border which i so love to do, too!

details.  they it’s always about the details!

i’m working on the next post, showing some of the bridal shower details and the ruffled ribbon burlap runners i made for the tables.

have a great weekend!  

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  1. You are so talented, friend! I know she will treasure these. Now if I could come up with something remotely beautiful for my future daughter-in-law's reception…

  2. You are so right Leslie – it is definitely all about the details. And you are SO GOOD at the details!!!

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