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hi there friends ~

the studio is never really, ever ‘quiet’ ~ it’s a rare day that i am not in it, even if i just go in there; look around, tidy up… or just to think.  to take stock.  pick up those unfinished projects… weed others out!  just like cleaning out the closet.  {which i also need to do ~ ugh!}  

so i finished some… began {again} finishing others.

the first piece is a screened print {screen from margaret applin}. {i heart her!} and i decided to add simple quilting with pink and white threads.  done!  oh, and a little addition of a pretty ribbon {or two}.

 and some white fabric painted with silks acrylic paints… quilting begun.  {not finished}. and not sure where i’m going with it next…

 black faux leather feathers.  uhm… yum. love these.  love that magnifico thread even more!

 a project that has stalemated in my to-do pile. i’ve decided to begin working on it a {again}… taking one little stitch motif at a time.  until it’s either finished, or sparks a path i’m not aware of at the moment … and doing that… may be just all it needs to be finished.  {i think!}

 more feathers… in the works.  in thinking about feathers, much of the interest for me is the color work and choices with thread textures.  i just really wanted to see how this thick, variegated yli cotton thread i’ve had for such a long time worked out.  it’s subtle.  i like it.  more to do!

 and i found a piece of fabric folded in the pile. i hand painted it with dye-na-flo dyes from jacquard several years ago, adding a bit of lumiere golden fabric paint on top.  these tones and colors… they make me swoon, i love it so.  but what shall i do with it?  i think it will need feathers, and a word or two.  just a thought {or two}. 

the weekends come slowly… and fade so very quickly.  but i love dreaming… every day.  i do love my creative life.

blessings on yours.

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  1. these are all so beautiful…reminds me of cotton candy colors!!! Beautiful quilting…makes me want to try feathers again…thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Oh Leslie, I love that last feathered piece! It's going to be so beautiful!
    I remember how slow eek ends were in coming when I worked. I too spent a lot of time in my head dreaming of projects.

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