indian summer yo yo zippered pouch ~ atkinson design

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hello and hope your weekend was fine and dandy!

ours was.  lots of rain here, much needed.  and boy, does it put autumn in the heart, with 48 degrees and a driving wind. but…  i’m ready for just a few more 80 degree days  {for a little while longer, pretty please Lord!}

this bag says autumn for sure, and actually, maybe it says “indian summer” even better!

and what a better reason do you need to zip up one of these little darlings?!  none!  just go sew it!

and  i {really} love this whole look.  batiks. autumn colors. and velvet.  oh, and yo-yos!  i cannot forget to mention those in tribute to my really sweet yo-yo sister… lisa swan semansky!  

y’all heard of the ya ya sisterhood, right?  {well i’m not sure i have but let’s just go with it}…

well, lisa and i are the yo-yo sistahood sista’s!  

okay.  best i stop now!  

she and i make yo-yos.  and we share fabric.  well, i should amend that to say i share my scraps with her!  and it’s a real joy. here’s my proud little stash of hard-won yo-yos. they are someday to go on a large, beautiful, in-your-dreams quilt, right?  well, maybe.  one can hope.

at any rate, they are just a little treasure trove of color, and sizes to pick from:

now one thing about velvet yo-yos.

they are a pain!

yes, a real paint to make!  not so easy to make into yo-yos, and to get all those delicate little folds to play nice with each other and to make a sweet little round shape  but so worth it when one perseveres.  and i did.  

because the high maintenance … is just worth it!!

see what i mean?  

doesn’t it just make that bag?  

{well, i made the bag}… but you know ~ 

it does make the bag!

so … i sure hope you’ll be back to read the next post in which i will have the details about the atkinson bag giveaway, to include a pattern, and embellishments so you can make your own bag.

AND…  i have one more bag left to show, and i’m excited about it.  {it gives me more ideas}!

blessings to you ~ thanks for all the fun comments, too!


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  1. A velvet yo-yo! YOU-you are sew inspiring! Luv these bags! Grey, rainy, windy, cold day (week) but these sure produce warm smiles. 🙂

  2. Every post I think it's my favourite bag but today I'm sure it is!!!!!
    It's been raining hard all day here and Autumn is just around the corner.

  3. I can imagine the velvet yo-yos would drive me yo-yo!

    I'll hope for 80's for you if you hope for 80's instead of 90's and 100's for us. 😉

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