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While we were in Spokane, the evening after my MIL’s surgery, there was a gift waiting for us… a gift… of SKY.

 This was really cool after a long day inside a hospital, and so I snapped it on my iPhone!  Why not?

Later in the week, Brian’s Aunt and Uncle suggested we visit the Manitou Gardens there, and we stopped early one morning on our way to the hospital.  Wowzers! Absolutely gorgeous.  It’s a HUGE place.  Japanese garden, conservatory, formal garden, perennial garden… rose garden… dahlia garden!  And… the best part?  Wonderful light, and the most luxuriously LARGE dahlia blossoms I’ve ever seen.  Oh man, I’m a happy camper with a camera and good light!

The “PLATE-size” Dahlias

 I had the chance to play with more experimentation in the world of photo editing — which, of course, is endless.  I’m just barely spinning my wheels in this technology, but it really is amazing.

“Scabiosa” {which I’ve tried growing – but never comes up more than once}

and some unedited versions above and below, ‘the blue spikey flowers’ as I named them! 

The photo above is a sunflower from my own garden.  I love this perspective, as if one was under an umbrella of petals.  I think it’s saying something to me… like “summer is over?!”  Nah…. could it be?

It was edited in my iPad and iPhone software called: ‘PS Express’ which I am loving lots. I also processed these through Instagram too, after the editing… which adds another layer of distress and border… kinda fun, I think!  I would love it if you’d like to follow me, or let me know if you use Instagram, and I’d love to follow & see what you post there, too!

 The next two are shots of my view walking into the courthouse several of these past mornings.  Again… love that light.  So beautiful!

And taken on my new iPhone… which surprisingly – I am loving, and the quality is pretty good. How nice it is to have such instant access to use it.  {when I remember to bring it along!}  Ha.

And finally, a tiny little zinnia is finally blooming in our own little ‘cottage’ garden {Georgia and Savannah haven’t eaten yet!}  I think this little frame is quite nice on it, and the distressing, too. 

EnJOY the day!  May you know more … gifts!

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  1. Yes, you'll have to share with us the question that Kelly asked. Your photos are amazing. Makes me want to get a smart phone. Glad you had a nice break.

  2. OK…really? I have an iphone and my photos are never as amazing as yours. I need some help and I'm begging you to tell me what you do because your photos are breath taking. You used the photo editing you mentioned and nothing else? I just have to know.


  3. I've got to try out PS Express! I've got an iPhone and love the pictures that come from it :*) I use my iPad when I'm on retreat too but have not had any way to edit the pictures so far. Thanks for the display of gorgeousness!!!!

  4. SUPER GORGEOUS pics!!! I love those Aps and will have to see if I can get them on my iPhone!!! The blue flower shot makes me want to sketch!

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