It’s Real ~ Grace from my Sketchbook

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 This is a sketch I’ve been playing with for a couple weeks, began when I was on my “staycation” over  the Memorial Day weekend.  A little watercolor.  Bright color from my Sakura Glaze pens, blending, mixing, and then a dab of white.  And some black, too. 

  And a question that caught my attention, posed by Dr. Tel Tackett, of “The Truth Project” which we’ve been studying for the past couple months in our adult Sunday School.  A good question, to us, as Christians… do you know what you believe, why you believe it?  And… do you believe it is REAL, and even more important, is it real in you?  And in your life?

How will anyone know it’s real… if it hasn’t made it from your head… to your heart?  Thoughts that have really … made me think ~ get on my knees ~ and want to know more…

Yes, I believe ~ 
and know ~ and know why ~ 
it’s really real.
Grace says it all.
All the time.
Have a great weekend!
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  1. Beautiful page & post! My heart longs for His matchless grace to grow everyday more and more real to my own heart so that I will live my life through the overflow of His love, loving others more passionatly! Blessings to you my friend xo

  2. I love the colors…and the sketch book. It is like an artist's journal, yes? If you would like to link up to our Random Journal Day, I think it would inspire others to be creative in their own journals. Consider yourself invited to check it out. If you are inclined. If not, I love it and look forward to seeing more! Following you now!

  3. Grace says it all… love that!! This is so beautiful Leslie! I love the colors. I love your writing! 🙂

  4. YES I believe God is real, in me, around me and through me. For we walk by faith and not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7. How do I know?…because my life, my thoughts, my actions, are always changing. I am a working progress at all times and healing, peace, love, kindness, grace, faith, and all the fruit of the spirit are bubbling like a spring. It must be a loving trust and faith IN God to surrender everything that matters to you OVER TO HIM..who loves, cares and calls us His children. You know when God is changing you….your heart, your doings, and your entire soul follows grace and mercy. THen you know it is real! HE IS REAL.

    Leslie, I do love your Grace handwriting and colors. LOVE IT!

  5. Love your 'picture'!!! We did the Truth Project a couple years back… It is GREAT!! So glad you stopped by my blog!!

  6. So beautiful – definitely you are a talent in many mediums…this same idea (so you know what you believe and why you believe it) has been a topic lately as sweet tweener is moving into making her faith her own, and not just what we as parents believe and have told her…it is beautiful to behold her growth…

  7. I absolutely know that He is real and His Kingdom is real! I have to work at keeping my relationship with Him real though, to keep Him in focus and "real to me" in my everyday life events.

    Your piece is beautiful, almost as beautiful as your quilts :*)

  8. this is a beautiful piece! you do flowers really well and i love the vibrant colors. as to the questions, i think many people don't really know what they believe and why. as for me, i just try to continue to grow in faith, in believing even when i can't really understand or grasp some things. indeed, all is grace!

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