izaak ~ the bloomin’ bighorn sheep ~ christmas meadows

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hello ~ 

yup.  izaak is enjoying a the mountain views from his “christmas meadow!”

inspired by this lovely gray and white background, is a fabric design, “winterberry” by kate and birdie paper co., for moda fabrics. {i loved creating with this fabric line so much, and i’ve begun cutting my classic round placemats and will soon be listing them with the lots of other  christmas placemats i’ve listed there.}

my color theme for izaak:  brown, white, gray, black and red. {with pops of green and pink}

originally, when i first made him into a pattern, i had wanted to create his horns with whites and blacks, taupes, tans and gray.  but i just didn’t have enough flower shapes to do that.  {but i’ve certainly got enough now}  🙂  

yay! it was super fun to be able to put them into play and create the layers and texture which were inspired by my vision of snow falling into the ridges of the horn, and oh-so-much-easier now that i had enough.  i’d guess there are at least 100 {or more} flowers just in the horns alone. i love to look for flower shapes now, in every fabric i see… batiks included.  also, i’ve noticed my “fabric eye” to be much more tuned in to appreciate the graphic quality of black and whites. they do add a shadow and depth that creates a fun dimension! my advice to students? don’t ‘leave them out in the cold’ of fabric choices because they don’t seem to have much “color.”  they can be just as exciting and dramatic!

and … it’s pretty great to turn to the christmas fabric stash and pick out pretty poinsettias, snowflakes and flowers and collage them into this piece for a “winter in the woods” look! 

and… i love the floating snowflakes which i have patiently cut  i often joke with my students, saying: “i cut flowers like i brush my teeth… twice a day!” 

successful collage = cut lots of flowers. this continues to be the challenge for students… and also important,  keep in mind the key elements of scale.  small.  medium.  large.

i love him!!

hint: one of the things i love to do that adds a bit of ‘spark’ is to add multiple, tiny scale flowers ~ those are the small green daisy-like ones in light green, grouping them together so they have more “color punch.”  {purchased from the sewing palace bernina in helena} And the same goes with adding the small black and white elements too.

 and, as you can see, i added a simple quilting design, a spiraling swirl, to the gray background.

and a same color  binding with just a touch of red and white print in it to bring together the holiday feel.

if you’re in the helena area of montana, stop in at the sewing palace bernina, because that’s where he’s hanging out for the time being!

also, for anyone who purchases this pattern from my etsy shop, i’ll include a full-size 8×11″ photo of izaak in the christmas meadow.  

thank you so much for coming by!  i’m off to teach collage this weekend in great falls, and i can’t wait!

enJoy the blessings of this day.
soli deo gloria

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  1. What a handsome guy Izaak is laying there on the top of the mountain (I imagine), in the Christmas foliage waiting on the day to celebrate ! Love the background you used !

  2. I love all your work and creative ideas. Just ordered two patterns.
    Wish you would start teaching on-line classes.


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