Jamaican Me Crazy With Stampin’!

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What Can I Say?  Summer is ending SO fast.  It was only 44 degrees at 6:30 am, and this afternoon, a fabric-stampin’ perfect at 70-75 degrees and I’m the John Wayne of fabric stamping… ‘hell-bent for leather’—so to speak! 

Very excited with the colors and the pattern on this one!  Kind of “Jamaican” inspired. It was a piece of hand painted material from last summer… and it was rather neon, but perfect in my opinion, for this printing. I can’t wait to quilt it!

 I asked my hubby to come outside and photograph so I wouldn’t have to take off my gloves, or get paint on the camera.  Clematis vine on the left; sunflowers on the right!

 Now this print below, with my new ‘Mum’s The Word’ stamp is in a colorway I adore!  Rusty-oranges, turquoise blue, and emerald greens!

 To get a good print, it’s really helpful to have a soft surface to press into… but not too soft, so the print doesn’t blur.  This is a piece of packing material I re-purposed.  You can find ‘foam’ for stamping in the craft store… but I imagine they are at least $10.  This was free! And better yet, it works great.

Thanks for stopping by the blog!  I will be showing some new brands  of paint I’m trying, and some hints and tips for fabric printing.  Also…  there will be a Give-A-Way to celebrate the “Harvest of Summer!” Although I haven’t decided exactly what the prize (or prizes), may be … if you have a suggestion, feel free to mention it!  In the meantime, have a MarveLes day!

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  1. I'd love to know what you like to use in carving your stamps. You do such lovely work. I can't wait to learn more and then I've got to work up the gumption to actually try it!

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