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Hi everyone ~ nice to be back on the blog with y’all!  Thank you for the kind words, and sweet support!  I so appreciate it!

My cataracts were ‘early-age” onset with solid, white, opaque spots blocking my center vision, and progressing outward, unlike the more common ‘older-age’ cataracts, which begin in the outer sphere and gradually close in toward the center of eye and are more milky-colored in nature.  At 54 years old, my remark to the doctor as to the ‘early age’ thing, was “is that a compliment?!” Anyway, my right eye surgery was smooth, even though it was a challenge to be ‘one-eyed’ for a week, and to have such extreme lop-sided vision.    Then came time for my left eye, which has the weakest vision, and the most severe astigmatism. 

Long story short, I had a different anethesiologist who gave me a shot in the left eye, and wasn’t pretty!  As you can tell, it got black and blue, and really sore.  And during surgery the incision didn’t close, which required a suture, and means more healing time ~ and more patience for me!  I also opted to have torque lenses inserted for both eyes to correct my severe astigmatism, which has always been a big hurdle for good eyesight, in either glasses or contacts, since I was very young. 

Right now I am able to see close up for short periods of time, with the aid of some old reading glasses borrowed from my husband, until further  eye exams show what’s needed precisely, especially for close-up work — once my eyes are completely healed.  But oh my land – my distance vision is amazing, {in my right eye!} and crystal clear –  and when all is healed, I am believing it’s gonna be “bliss!”

I’m thankful to see better little by little. I have a few other canvases I finished prior to surgery,  so will be sharing those soon ~ hopefully!

This is one of them.  Appropriately named: “Believe.” 

I’m so thankful for my eyesight… for the technology, expertise and wisdom of so many wonderful professionals throughout my cataract surgery and continued aftercare.  I went to Pacific Cataract and Laser Surgery Center here in Great Falls, and it was such a blessing when the Surgeon prayed with me prior to each surgery. 

And… as I learn {more} ~ to walk by faith, 
and not by sight,
one does not have to see it …

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  1. Am playing catch up on my blog reading so just read about your eye surgery. Hope you are feeling much better now and that you have improved eyesight!

  2. Have missed your wonderful posts sweet friend! Praying for you to heal in miracle fashion – quickly and absolutely! Artists need their vision and I pray for your vision to be made perfect in every way. Looking forward to hearing you are well and back to your lovely creations :*)

  3. Oh my, that black and blue eye is surely something, eh? Glad you are healing well now after the setbacks in the surgery. And that was awfully nice that the surgeon took time to pray with you, awesome actually! You will love your new eyes!

  4. Glad to read that you've gotten the surgery over with. Our eyesight is so precious for what we do. I also get checked twice a year since I'm on cortisone or life which tends to cause them.
    I'm sure it will be wonderful to get back to creating and to see how your sight improves.

  5. Скорейшего выздоровления! Всё будет хорошо! Ваши работы потрясающи. Я всегда любуюсь ими.

  6. Ah, Les. That photo kinda scared me. Where was my faith! lol But yes, I do believe you will see clearly, betterly, and with greater perception. Natural eyesight is a blessing. But to perceive is indeed bliss! I missed ya!

  7. Hope your healing goes so quickly. You'll be seeing all that art you've made with fresh eyes and come up with all new ideas for more.

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