Joyful Play time with the grandkids ~

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Happy Joyful January to you!

And… what better time to be joyful remembering some sweet summer time moments with our sweet grand boys!  I know.  Every grand child… every CHILD is so special.  I was just super tickled to get some great shots of these ever-moving, ever-loveable, super active kids!  Three Boys.  Oh Boy!! And Oh-What-Fun!!! While we are not as close logistically, we do love face timing with the kids but nothing beats going to the park!

Up first ~ the littlest.  Little Nixon’s big ol’ eyes. Sweet face.  And those perfect little pink lips!  Now that is what gramma’s mean by kissable cheeks, too!!  HA!

The next two, Aiden and Liam.  This time Liam is in the “it’s okay” big brother mode!  So cute!


And Grandpa Brian with daughter Bree ~ the Mom Extraordinaire!image

Grandpa brought treats to the park. Of course!  What any self-respecting Grandpa would do… and he got to show his boys his new truck.  Now that’s the real deal…!image

And did we say “Licorice for everyone!”  Yup.image

Oh the stories one can tell by the looks on the faces!!image

And I loved this capture of Nixon looking up at his Dad with pure love and trust.  XOimage

And the non-stop “push me” swing time.image

Liam in his “lello swing.”  He’s just takin’ it real easy and cool-like!  image

Yup.  One of the sweetest times ever.  We are blessed! A cup full of joy every time!  Thank you Father God for these beautiful children! Every. one. of. them.




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