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My current project is one in the works for today’s blog…. and it all started with this: THE BIG SHOT! I do alot of fusing… and I love it!  But sometimes cutting with the hands is well… hard on the hands!  So have been waiting … thinking… contemplating about the Accuquilt GO and those cool quick cut dies for several years… and am glad I went the Sizzix direction. SAVED me lots of moo-lah!  Now I am not saying Accuquilt isn’t fabulous… it sure is.  But that much money out-of-pocket (about $500 just to get started with the GO)… wasn’t happening for me, personally!  
Many thanks to Patsy Thompson and Kelly Jackson, both of whom were gracious, knowledgeable … and really helped me decide about which machine to purchase… and showed the “how-to’s”  through their terrific blogs,  being KIND and taking TIME…to answer my emails and the many questions I had!  The gal at Patsy’s store (whom I have now forgot – maybe it’s Nicki) is SWEET to help when I CALLED — she even checked the box to tell me what it actually contained so I could get all the info I needed about accessories… YAY! I dearly adore… personal service!  Don’t you?!

Batik fabrics, Steam-A-Seam, and a pressing sheet… and some time… time to play… rearrange… re-organize… and then… Poof!  It’s like…

           h   a   p   p  y…
a … bit… addictive…. and…. 
m  a  g  i  c  a  l !

Turning to some hand-dyed fabric of mine… hmmm… let’s try this ‘marveles’ orangy-tango piece…  a touch of paintstiks, bubble wrap as texture…. stencils…textile paint, a mesh bag… throw in some fusible circles… (just because I can!)

 and then  a  …   z  i  p  p  e  r  !

and… if necessary… use words!

v  i   b  r  a  n  t  !

and don’t forget…. the…. 

a   n  g  e  l  i  n  a  !!!

and “sew ye shall reap… so shall ye sow…”

J   o   y …

It’s a  p  l  a  y  t  i  m  e  in progress!  

more to come…

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  1. It's amazing how one little tool can change so much of what we do. I've read Kelly's and Pat's reviews as well. And I was ALMOST tempted this weekend when JoAnn's offered the Sizzix at 40% off 🙁 But no time to play and no place to set this little gem up, so I will wait and watch. Love what you did with your flowers.

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