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I have to say I love bookmarks. 

And I love making them, too.

Taking a piece of paper fabric that was dark and muddy… broody looking, in fact, and giving it a second chance.

Cutting it apart, and taking a chance.  Better than letting it sit, untouched.  Rising to the challenge of asking myself ~ “Wait – what can this be?”

 The whole process just amazes me… of what a little time and attention to detail, of patience, perseverance can do to a little piece of a heart.  Mine!

 All too often things… people… attitudes… what is termed ‘ugly’ is all too easily tossed aside. I know better!  Why… oh why?  Does it take … me… so long?!

I’m quite grateful for another lesson.  In life and in art.

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and Happy Day to you all.

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  1. Yes Leslie, I am praying and in agreement with Austyn's healing Psalm 103:3…He who forgives and heals all disease. Prayers, petitions, faith, hope, love, mercy and grace for Austyn! xxxooo

  2. I love the entire idea of bringing together scraps and fragments to make a thing of beauty, to restore purpose and function…I like to quilt, but that tends to take a back burner to mixed media…

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