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Hi there,

While I have lots of little projects finishing up… and while I get photos figured out… here’s a couple of my most favorite pics taken lately! 

My favorite guy!  Isn’t this picture of him so fun?   Love this picture of Brian and Georgia.  Georgia… yeah… she always has to get in ‘her licks’ and she always brings big smiles, too!

Georgia  loves her ‘pappa’ and at 10 months old now,  I’m not sure she has stopped growing?!  She sure is an outgoing dog, not a shy bone in her!  And… super, super affectionate … as her tongue will testify!

A dog’s tongue is an amazing thing…!  {just when you think you’re safe!}… NOT!

And playtime together is always amusing for Brian and I to watch with these two pups!

Savannah and Georgia constantly seem to be playing “tag – you’re it” — really funny to watch them outside in the snow, and it never ends, inside as well!

Kids… will be kids!  Rough-housin’ and affectionate, all in the same bite… or more.

They sure are a fun pair and we enjoy them so much.

Hope you have a great day, wherever you are!

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  1. Your home is full of laughter and love with dogs around! My Bailey is a constant companion and I love her to bits. Thanks for sharing the joy.

  2. Love these photos!! Your hubby is so cute! And your pups are adorable. Rough-housin' and affectionate all in the same bite… lol… isn't that the truth?! 🙂

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