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I’m still enjoying making those fun YO-YO’s!  Who knew? !  Indygo Junction  has  some very fun patterns… pictured is the one I used to make the cushions… lots of cool, HIP and creative concoctions! They kind of look like candy!  Well… here’s the ‘really big show’ (said with the Red Skelton voice) on “MarveLes” Yo Yo’s!  (that last part is just a rhyme!) LOL …it must be time to go to bed… my pumpkin carriage has arrived….

and a few more detail shots (it was fun taking pictures of them!) … love the hand-dyed VELVET!!!  I also found you really have to OVERSTUFF the pin cushions to get them nice, fat and round… I really needed an extra-long needle to pull the button through the center and make it ‘poof’ better, and it would have made the job much easier on the hands, too…. add that to my shopping list!  It’s been a VERY long time since I’ve stuffed anything… was quite glad to find a bag of stuffing — stuffed into a closet! ha ha.

I also found I loved cutting LARGE circles out of fabric, approximately 18″ in diameter, and those were quite fun for me.  I took a sheet of that quilters plastic – the kind that is “NO MELT” and cut an 18″  diameter circle, and ironed a 1/4″ edge onto the plastic, and then hand-sewed it. Maybe I WILL actually make the lovely Amy Butler quilt “Bloom” from her new Soul Blossoms fabric line… it’s a free pattern download on her website at  amybutler.com.

and then a bit of cording, (which I just glued on cuz I couldn’t find the sharper needle needed to hand-sew) Oh well… but what a lovely pretty button I found from the… button STASH!

And here is what I did with those GREAT BIG Yo Yo’s… they jumped right onto this  springy linen wall hanging… I free-motioned around the outside edges… LOVE the ‘ruffley-edged’ look it gave them!

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  1. Ladies, thank you for the COMMENTS! That sure makes me smile! You're so right Mary, they are happy! And I'm glad you think they are 'gorgeous' – I think the credit goes to the VELVET and happy colors!

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