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This is how this piece began when I started auditioning stuff to put on it for embellishment.  From one of those ‘pepto-bismol-pink’ fabric papers I cut up.  Notice the heavy application of paint!  And, let’s face it… all that pink in one big piece (1/2 yard or less) will – could – actually WOULD make you want some pepto!  LOL!

Somewhere along the way, as I was working with this piece, I changed my mind.  Didn’t like how I quilted the flower above, and, decided it was too ‘sweet’ for me.  Rebel I am, I FEEL FREE to go in another direction.  And I did.  So I dug around in my big bag of fused, pre-cut flowers.  Ahh, that’s better!  More interesting definition and design.  Red color, still in the same color family of pink.  And the yellow-gold helped give some contrast to the piece.

and as long as I was in the mood to change things up a bit, I covered up some of the stamping I had done; tried to quilt over it; make it ‘pop’ and it was… a FLOP!  So I covered it up! Although you can still see a bit of it, I like the gold-toned and pink angelina over it.  Repeating a bit of the color story of the flower, and the pink background. Just right.  And I loved that big white center on the flower for more contrast, too.

And a bit of free motion zig zag embellishment to the flower, as well as some straight stitching around the petals.  I chose a thread that would contrast.  Just because ~ I can!  Alleluia ~ no matchy-match, here!

A bit of red ribbon rick rack on the very bottom, although it’s not a great pic of it, ties in with the flower, too.  The decorative stitches in the heart motif, in white, also tie in with the flower, as well as a bit of sequins done in iridescent white.  Love the contrast.  And about those hearts; how they aren’t ‘perfect’ – which I also like, because I left the Masterpiece 50 weight cotton in my top thread, and you can see that because it’s a thinner (50 wt) thread, the hearts don’t ‘fill-in’ completely, like they would with a 40 weight thread, which is what they were really designed for. I could also have adjusted my stitch length on them but frankly, I just decided to ‘let it happen’ and SEE how it would look.  Just for kicks and giggles! 

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There is one thing I wish I had remembered to do on this piece, and that would be to sign my name to it, in thread, free motion style.  Oh well.  A good habit to get into, although I sign them on the back on the label.

So what do YOU think about the design decisions and changes I made?  Be honest; no offense will be taken if you disagree!

Happy Monday!

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  1. The 2nd flower definitely looks more like you; but when I see examples like this, I am reminded of exercises where different people take the same design and play with it. They inevitably go off in a variety of directions. When you are as creative as you are, you could have made the first flower work, too! Imagine playing with the lime green or bright blue or yellow colors with angelina, thread, etc. Endless possibilities ….

  2. I really do love the way the angelina looks in this piece. I know for a fact that it doesn't really photograph nearly as pretty as it is. I also like the fact that you try things and if they don't quite meet up to your idea of how it should look you are not held back. You don't scrap it you just plain make a new plan and work with what you have. I love love love it.

  3. I do like that you share your oopses! The first is cute. I don't think your style is cute. But now I'm kinda stuck for an adjective. It isn't really whimsical either. PLAYFUL. That might be it and with the play happening in full sun.
    Now, that foot that is showing. Tell me your thoughts on the BSR, pretty but playfully- Please!

  4. I agree with you, the first flower was blah, although I'm sure you could have done something to it. I like the red though; it stands out better. I love red and pink together.
    I like to watch you're process as I like to do the same thing. I often say anything can be fixed. I honestly can't find a single thing to criticize.

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