just a little powdered sugar on the mountain tops ~

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hello and good friday morning to ya!

it’s hard to top getting into the mountains on any day {unless it’s a blizzard, then it’s not so easy} lol. 

it was a spectacular day, last weekend, as we headed west, and while it started out bright and sunny on the ‘east side’ {as we call it} it was quite different once we crossed the rocky mountain front to the western side of montana. i’ll save those pics for another day, and they are beautiful in their own right, even in rain and fog!

i was so excited to return to the rocky mountain front for a gorgeous fall day. we were here in the spring, but autumn… it’s just another big sky gulp of awesomeness! 

 the picture below doesn’t do it justice in the least, but see that bit of green strip up on the slope?  … we really wanted to “go there.”  perhaps ~ someday we will!  

and below, is close to the same area where we stopped for our picnic lunch this past spring, only then, the high prairie was showing off a dazzling array of prolific yellow {wild} daisy-like flower bunches.  click here if you’d like to take a tour to back to springtime in the rocky mountain front!

now just wide-open vistas of golden goodness of harvest and hay bales.

oh… those mountaintops!  

and i was struck by the contrast and similarity of the white-faced cattle with those beautiful ‘white-faced’ mountaintops in the background, too!

and while we don’t have large eye-fulls of a variety of autumn trees for color, the wide-open spaces and bits of color are there for anyone to find… if we will only stop, look, and  breathe it in…

 to give thanks in every moment and each discovery…

to find the beauty in every step… 

{much like a stairway to heaven don’t you think?!}

  and i love that, too.  

it’s just a little bit of “powdered sugar” 
on top of a sweet autumn.
thank you Awesome God!
joining in the studio friday 
there’s some sweet… birthday treats and ideas {check it out}

soli deo gloria

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  1. Oh Leslie, the views and your photos are just stunning! So there is snow in the mountains there already? Wow, it is such a different landscape from ours here. So fun to see.

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