Kitchen Towels Collaged ~

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Here is a project that I think is a sweet combination of practical, colorful and floral! Anyone can do this, and you’d have a really charming Valentine’s Day gift or Wedding Shower, Housewarming, Thank You Gifts… ya know the drill!

Simple. Easy and Quick.  Just a few  pre-fused and pre-cut flower are needed.  {And I have lots of those}.  And it doesn’t hurt to throw in a cute label, too.  If you’ve read my blog in the past, you know I love the style of for their styles of iron-on labels.  I’d like to someday learn that kind of graphic skills on the computer; print and make my own.

I begin by laying the label down first, and then add a few flowers around it, arranging them as you like. A little bumble bee, or butterfly or a little bird are fun elements to add, too. I particularly like to add the black and white graphic elements in a flower, a leaf, as they kind of unite with the black printing on the label, too.  Shape is kinda important, for visual interest.  Interesting shapes are fun to play with for sure.  I like the pointed daisies, with round flowers, and different sizes too.  I pick those that are pretty and have a nice contrast… and look good together!

Lastly, it’s quick pass of stitching around the flowers in a meandering stipple pattern, or you can free motion around the edges, as I did here.  You could even do this “grid-style” with white thread, and make it real fun. My tip:  Loosen your top tension a full number or so, as the linen towel is not stabilized here.  Match your top and bottom threads too. And my biggest encouragement?  This is not about perfect stitching by any stretch of the imagination!!!  It’s ALL about the flowers.  The stitching just makes it more durable and longer lasting on the fused flowers!

And most importantly, have fun creating a little Mini-Collage on a very practical element… and SURPRISE someone with a little joy from your heart, and your hands!

Happy Feb Days Peeps!

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