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hi there ~

i’ve been playing with a new product {new to me} that has been on the market for probably a year or so.  when i first saw it, i wasn’t that interested.  not so anymore!  i have been experimenting, and i like {more and more} the versatility of this crafty sewing base.

it’s the same exact material that was the tag on my levi jeans all those {younger} years ago! extremely durable. washable, and sews, stamps, paints and embosses… like a breeze. enter into our craft and sewing supplies, the newest kraftex paper fabric. here are some ways i’ve been putting it through the paces:

 i ran this piece through my sizzix machine and embossed it, then lightly rubbed the embossed areas with an inkpad:

 kraftex comes in three colors: white, tan and navy.

 what am i going to do with it?  i’m going to make a bag {or two} … i hope!  but it would be fun as a durable and creative journal cover on the mixed media journals i like to make.

 and i’ve painted it using silks acrylic glazes, and dabbed the paint through a stencil.  i like this idea… alot!

and i used that little piece of beauty, and loved stitching through it onto a substrate of felt, {using my triple straight stitch} and so i created a key fob:

 and i just plain old made a scribbly texture messy paint play on a piece of the white.  what shall i do with it?  don’t know yet, but i’m thinking i’m going to emboss it first, and then we’ll see where it goes!  one thing for sure i do know ~ it will be fun…

 and of course, it cuts fabulously with steel rule dies… look at those so-very-sturdy-snowflakes!  I’m thinking christmas coasters, stitching them to fabric.  why not?  they’re totally washable.

 i saw that there was a book of projects too, {of course}. 

it looks like there are some very simple things one can do, but of course, the imagination always has intrigue for me! 

have you tried this new product yet?  if you have some links to other ideas or tips, i’d love to hear… just leave them in the comments section.

thanks for stopping in and have a brilliant thursday.

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  1. I played with some earlier this year and made a cell phone wallet … but I can't share it yet because it's in a new color–coming soon. I LOVE your brilliant idea of embossing it.

  2. Very cool, I have never heard of this, is it washable too? I like the embossing you did Leslie. Thank you for the intro on it, looks like fun.

  3. I've looked at it a couple of times but it seems expensive for what it is. But you sure make it look fabulous. xox

  4. I've heard of this before but had no idea what it was!! As soon as you said it was the material used for the label of your Levis I knew what it was like – thanks!

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